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Why Iodine Is So Important To Health

Why Iodine Is So Important To Health

Lack of iodine could lead to pregnancy loss, cretinism (extreme stupidity), goitre, irreversible mental and growth retardation, neurological dysfunction, learning disability, fatigue, brain fog, ADHD hyperactivity disorder, and more thyroid and breast cancers. ... | Read More

Is High Alkaline Water Really Healthy?

Is High Alkaline Water Really Healthy?

Water and heaven were created on the same day before food, so the Bible says. Water is therefore key to life. Healthy water follows the divine laws of nature. Many believe the miracle waters of Lourdes, Nordenau and Tlacote have healthy properties to improve health. ... | Read More

Stress, Anxieties, Depression (SAD) & Sleep Disorders

Stress, Anxieties, Depression (SAD) & Sleep Disorders

Are you among the many that have SAD, sleep disorders and pain in your brain and/or body? Do you want a more permanent answer to your problems? Are you opened to new technologies to resolve your health challenges effectively? If your answer is yes, be inspired by the many cases here that have transformed their lives. ... | Read More

21st Birthday: 21 Glorious Years of Health Mission

21 Glorious Years of Health Mission

What a joy to celebrate our 21 glorious years of health service to the nation and the world in our nation's 47th birthday! It Started with a vision from above to change the landscape of health care services. (I had 45 years of monthly medications since birth!). The logo of Nature's Glory speak it all: "Man in Harmony with Nature, Attains a Glorious Health Stature!" The vision and answers are in nature! ... | Read More

5 Reasons Why Singaporeans Should Go Organic

Alkaline Water Review

Singaporeans are becoming more aware of their health these days -- some are allotting time to go to the gym whilst others are starting to be more conscious with their choice of food. With people spending more of their time in work, it is important to be at least choosy when it comes to the food they take in order to stay fit and healthy. This has led to the popularity of organic food in Singapore, especially with those who can afford such an affluent lifestyle. ... | Read More

Alkaline Water Review 2017: Benefits and Risks

Alkaline Water in Singapore

When it comes to health and fitness, water remains one of the most essential factors for keeping all the systems in our bodies in good condition. Staying hydrated by consistently drinking clean water can do a lot of benefits such as regulating body temperature, lubricating the joints, removing wastes easily, and helping the heart to pump blood through the blood vessels to the different parts of the body.. ... | Read More

How to Fight Dengue and Win

Healthy Water System from Japan

Many of our clients were found to have dengue months before the announcement of dengue spread in the newspapers. The discovery is part of our continuing NeB research studies into pathogens covering bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, allergies, toxins and tumours. Our clients were alerted but surprised, as many did not have the usual fever or rash!. ... | Read More

Top 3 Best Selling Organic Products in Singapore

Healthy Water System from Japan

HiFloAM Water vs Alkaline Water: Living Water. Bountiful Life

  • High dissolved oxygen/hydrogen to last days/weeks.
  • High nutrient extraction/absorption for better hydration and cleansing.
  • Mild pH, harmony with blood.
  • Makes foods/drinks healthier/taste better.
  • Suitable for all ages and health conditions.
  • High to bring water to schools/offices.
. ... | Read More

Miracle Water vs. Alkaline : For Your Health And Beauty

Miracle Water vs. Alkaline Water in Singapore

Is your blood thick, showing stagnation or abnormal flow? This could be due to a toxin built up and blockage in tissues and organs. We conducted a live microscopic demonstration of blood flow. We asked participants to drink a cup of tap water and a cup of their usual drinking water. In most cases, there was no significant improvement in blood circulation after drinking such water. This amazed the participants. Blood stagnation leads to an acidic condition which is linked to free radicals, organ damage, diseases, premature ageing and tumours. ... | Read More

The Right Water is KEY to Life & Health

Alkaline Water in Singapore: key to life and health

55 years ago, my classmate topped the school results. But he did not make it during the Cambridge Examination due to some health issues. The body needs healthy water for maximum concentration, good memory and alertness, for better sleep, and general well-being.

Water is a catalyst to metabolism for juices to convert digested food to nutrients, which are food for the brain and body. ... | Read More

The Raising Popularity of Organic Shops

Organic Shops in Singapore

In the recent years, demand for organic produce has jumped substantially. Increasingly, organic produce and food ingredients have filled more sections in supermarket chains, organic shops and even wet markets, where previously, only local, natural and fresh produce abound.

According to a recent report by the Organic Trade Association (OTA), organic sales increased from ‘$3.6 billion in 1997 to over $39 billion in 2014’ in the US alone. ... | Read More

Organic Food and Human Health: Understanding the Important Connection

Organic Food

The foods we choose to eat play an important role in health and disease. They can either help in the prevention of many illnesses or in the increase of risk to certain types of diseases, basically determining the quality of life we have.

For this very reason, the abundance of more food choices is evident in local grocery stores and health food boutiques. However, it also creates confusion about what food choices are the most appropriate for an individual’s overall well-being.   ... | Read More

Makes Your Local Delights Healthier and Naturally Tasty

Alkaline Water

Bonsoy is distinguished with organic soybeans and nutritious ingredients loved by many. Brings out the best in foods, drinks and desserts. Makes the best in your creation – naturally “sweet, smooth and silky” to make a difference. Find out why the formulation is so well liked by many  ... | Read More

Say “No” to High Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water

Most natural spring waters have neutral pH of 7 to 8 in harmony with healthy blood of pH 7.3 to 7.4. They have supported life on Earth for over 6000 years! Year after year, millions have flocked to the “miracle” spring waters of Lourdes in France, Nordenau in Germany and Tlacote in Mexico, attesting to their health benefits.  ... | Read More

HiFloAM Water: Water For Health and Wellness

HiFlo Water Glass

Water is key to life’s basic activities of digestion, absorption, metabolism and excretion. Some experts pointed out that over 90% or over 200 diseases are linked to free radical damages to our organs. These free radicals are highly reactive substances inside and outside our bodies, due to pathogens, stress, toxic chemicals and radiation. ... | Read More

Multi-Benefits of HiFloAM Water

Multi-benefits of HiFlo Water

HiFloAM Water is one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind. This water, through electrolysis, has the same properties of the miracle waters of Lourdes, Nordenau, Tlacote and the glacier water, with the same energy code of nature, distinct from all other waters. It has a mild neutral pH in harmony with healthy blood; up to eight times more dissolved hydrogen (DH) than most conventional alkaline waters ... | Read More

Heart Disease Treatment: Love Your Heart

Old Man Heart Disease

At the rate we “enslave” ourselves to studies, work and business towards world class excellence, Singapore would soon top the chart to be among the highest in heart diseases and related fatalities. This is a premature loss to the family, company and national heritage. Men and women in growing numbers and even younger, are seeking help for more permanent answers to their challenges. Our research studies here are to share what others are experiencing for our learning. | Read More

Organic Foods – Still the Better and Safer Choice


Andy Ho’s article titled “Is organic food really free from pesticides?” seem to imply that organic food is more toxic than non organic food due to the use of "natural pesticides" which are deemed by the writer as "potentially more toxic than synthetic ones", and being sprayed in larger amounts than synthetic ones, unchecked by certification bodies. | Read More