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beans & peas
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Chickpea Nature's Glory 400g OG.
 Unit : 400g
Qty :

Product of USA

Chick peas (also known as Garbanzo beans) has a sweet, nutty flavor and shaped somewhat like a heart.

As early as the seventh chickpeas were domesticated in the Near East and were cultivated with the cereals as early as 7000 BC. They quickly spread to the Indian subcontinent where they became a principal pulse crop and a dietary mainstay.

These beans are the classic ingredient to the Middle Eastern spread called "hummus," chickpeas, also make excellent stews and cutlets.

Chickpeas are highly nutritious, being rich in protein, fat, calcium, iron and B vitamins. They contain more iron than other legumes. Chinese traditional medicine consider them beneficial for the pancreas, stomach and heart.They also contain phyto-chemicals called saponins, which can act as antioxidants. Chickpeas can help to lower cholesterol levels and are also a good source of protein and folate. .

Why are Nature’s Glory Chickpeas distinguished?

Nature’s Glory chickpeas are organically grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Our chickpeas are naturally grown without any genetic modification. The chickpeas also meet the stringent Swiss standards of organic certification and quality.

Simply enjoy as a healthy snack! (See recepie below). Try tasting our chickpeas with spices to make exotic dals or scrumptous falafel or add tahini for a delicious hummus spread! Traditionally used in Greek and African cuisine in bread dip/spread, its rich nutty flavour also enhances any pie, casserole, salad, or curry.

Preparation of local snack "Kachang Puteh": Soak overnight and steam over boiling water for 45 minutes then sprinkle some sea salt for delicious healthy snack. Storage: Keep in cool, dry place.

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Non-GMO Policy
Genetic Modification of crops is a process of adding genes from other species eg bacteria into plants so that they can produce more yield and be resistant to attack from pests. Insects that take GMO crops die due to the toxins that the GMO plants secrete. The safety to humans is still not conclusive and we are concerned.

Hence, Nature's Glory abides by a non GMO policy when we select our products. Hence, we shy away from products made in the USA including fresh produce unless they are tested for non GMO. (These tests may still be insufficient due to the uncontrolled spread of GMO pollen). The introduction of GMOs in Europe had caused half the bee population to go extinct and hence it was banned in Europe. GMOs are also banned in Japan, NZ and Australia. There have also been an increase in the amount of pesticide and chemicals used on crops after the introduction GMOs. The large increase in chemicals on crops has now become a global threat to our environment
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