The Ugly Truth Behind Organic Honey in Malaysia

Known as a natural remedy for sore throat and a natural alternative to sugar, organic honey is a staple in millions of households worldwide. Honey is a sought-after product due to its wide array of health benefits. Consumers seem to know a lot about its health benefits, but what they do not know is that honey is the third most faked food in the whole world.

Fake honey is rampant worldwide, including Malaysia. Faking organic honey in Malaysia even became a national issue when authorities found out that 80% of honey being sold in the market are counterfeit products. So, the next time you go to the grocery shop, make sure to do a double-take when buying honey.

How Do Manufacturers Fake Organic Honey in Malaysia?

Insider inferred that manufacturers fake honey by diluting real honey with syrup derived from plants, such as beet syrup or high-fructose corn syrup, or chemically modifying the syrups’ sugars to make them look like real honey. According to The Coverage, test results from a laboratory examination concluded that artificial honey is made out of starch, sugar, and corn flour—all of which may bring detrimental effects to people, especially those who have diabetes. Manufacturing processes are also sub-standard—they may mix foreign materials, overheat the fake honey, and practice unsanitary measures.

How to Spot Fake Organic Honey in Malaysia?

Now that you have learned about the massive production of counterfeit honey products in Malaysia, it is about time to take proactive measures by examining the physical qualities of your honey at home. Listed below are some differences that will help you distinguish between organic honey and fake honey products:

Stickiness – Real, organic honey is not sticky when rubbed between fingers. Meanwhile, fake honey is sticky due to the artificial sweeteners.

Thickness – Organic honey has a fairly thick texture, and it takes a moment before you transfer honey from one side of the jar to the other. Meanwhile, the consistency of fake honey is runny and very light.

Taste –The taste of organic honey vanishes quickly after a few minutes. Meanwhile, the taste of fake honey will last a little longer due to its sugar content.

Aroma – Organic honey has a mild scent, usually the actual smell of flowers from which the nectar was derived. Meanwhile, fake honey has no smell, or in some instances, it has a sour smell.

Dissolving – Organic honey usually does not dissolve in water. It will usually lump and settle at the bottom of the glass. It will only get diluted after stirring it for a while. On the other hand, fake honey tends to dissolve in water right away.

Flame test – A matchstick will light even after it has been immersed in organic honey. However, when a matchstick has been immersed in fake honey, it will not light up due to the presence of moisture.

Absorption test – Organic honey cannot be absorbed by a blotting paper and does not leave stains on white cloth. Meanwhile, fake honey gets absorbed by a blotting paper and it leaves stains on white cloth.

Where to Buy Organic Honey in Malaysia?

At Nature’s Glory, we ensure that our honey products are “certified organic.” Being organically certified means our honey products have been audited by organic associations throughout the manufacturing process—from the time the honey is harvested, manufactured, until it is being stored, packed, and sold.

Nature’s Glory organic honey products are free from pesticides, chemicals, and other artificial additives. We are committed to offering our consumers premium quality organic honey packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and antimicrobial compounds.

Our organic honey products include Organic New Zealand Manuka Honey Bioactive 15+, Organic Wilderness Honey, Organic New Zealand Manuka XO Honey Bioactive 30+, Organic Lemon Honey, and Organic Dew Honey.

Our honey products are independently audited by NASAA. Look for the NASAA logo and our certification number (8131P) to assure that you are getting certified organic honey. Now that you know the dangers of consuming fake honey, it’s best to purchase real, certified organic honey from us. Order certified organic honey in Malaysia by placing your orders at Nature’s Glory ecommerce website.

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