What is Organic Soap, Really?

Organic soap has become a trend across the world, but what does ‘organic soap’ really entail compared to other regular soaps? What goes into it and what are its benefits? For conscious consumers, these are important questions for all the products that they purchase and use. 

The word ‘organic’ gets thrown around a lot, so how is soap organic?

Truly organic soap is made from organic ingredients. It’s one thing to be made of natural ingredients, but being truly organic requires using certified organic ingredients. It contains natural, certified organic ingredients that usually come from plant-based sources like vegetable oils and essential oils. In contrast, synthetic, mass-market soap is made of petroleum-based chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes and preservatives

Simply put, organic soap is better for your skin. Using organic soap can help to improve your skin condition, as there is less irritation and drying of the skin.

Organic vs Natural Soaps - What’s the Difference?

Starting with natural soaps, they are made from fats or oils, water, lye and natural dyes and fragrances. However organic soaps are produced from organically certified ingredients. This means that the ingredients are harvested from organic farming practices that do not use pesticides or fertilizers. Furthermore, all other production processes are likely stringently regulated according to the organic certifying body - from processing to packaging and retail. Thus, organic soap is more strictly regulated than natural soap and made from the best quality and purest organic ingredients.

What about DIY Organic Soap?

With the trend of using more natural soaps, consumers have also started making their own DIY organic soaps. Following DIY recipes from the internet, soap aficionados can purchase raw ingredients and concoct their own DIY organic soaps. As some have serious skin issues like eczema or psoriasis, they want to control what goes into their organic soaps by making it themselves.

However, trying to make your own soap can be time-consuming and expensive. Finding the right organic ingredients can be difficult, as most have to be imported and bought from specialty soap supply stores. Finally having the right equipment to cook the ingredients at home and ensuring the process is done correctly may not work for everyone. 

What To Look For When Buying Organic Soap in Singapore

Sometimes, the easiest way to purchase ready-made organic soap from trusted suppliers. For truly organic soap, do look out for the following:

Transparency of Ingredients

Check the list of ingredients on the label of your organic soap. All ingredients should be clearly written. Most natural ingredients contain a scientific name, with their common name in parentheses. You should be able to recognise and pronounce most of these ingredient names if they come from a natural source versus names of chemicals.

Brand Reputation of Company

Another thing to do is to verify and check on the brand reputation of the company producing these soaps. Their website should have valuable information about the brand, including reviews from customers about their products. You can go through this information to find out if they are a legitimate brand.

Organic Certification

The easiest way to do a verification for organic products is through their organic certification. Most reputable companies have obtained organic certification for their organic products, which is carried out by an independent third party. While most brands can claim to be ‘organic’, those with an actual organic certification are more credible, due to the stringent requirements required to be certified organic.

We recommend the Blessed Soaps® for your choice of organic soaps in Singapore - they are made using organically certified ingredients and processes and formulated by Nature’s Glory, one of the pioneers in the organic movement in Singapore since 1991. 

The Blessed Soaps® are specially formulated to be moisturising, soothing and non-toxic for all skin types. Manufactured from a blend of vegetable oils and essential oils, these organic soaps are mild and gentle and effective at cleansing without stripping away your body’s natural oils.  

With 6 different scents to choose from, you can enjoy the same luxury of regular soaps without worrying about the toxic nasties that come with them. Check out our full product range of Blessed Soaps® here.

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