What Makes Bonsoy Organic Soymilk A Whole Lot Better Than Other Soymilk?

Does your tummy feel funny with just one sip of cow’s milk? Do you feel like rushing to the bathroom every time? You might be lactose-intolerant. Fret not, a healthier alternative to cow’s milk comes with every carton of Bonsoy organic soymilk. It’s a wonderfully delicious and extremely rich drink with nutritional goodness you will love.

Bonsoy Organic Soymilk: A Versatile And Healthy Lactose-Free Milk For Your Family

What is Bonsoy and what makes it special? It’s a soymilk made from organic, pesticide-free soybean and produced under the most ideal processes. 

A product of Japan, a country whose people have the longest lifespan in Asia, Bonsoy Soymilk can be found in many homes where this milk shares the same status as rice on the table.

Mothers use Bonsoy organic soy milk for baking, cooking, as a replacement to coconut milk, in soups, and any dish that calls for the delicious taste of milk.

Japanese soy masters have been perfecting the use of soybeans as a health food throughout ages.

Now, this perfection is ready and packed for you in every carton of Bonsoy organic soymilk.

Your Uniquely-Made, Bonsoy Organic Soymilk

Some people have tried to make their own soymilk at home just as they made peanut butter and guava jelly. But health authorities have cautioned against preparing soymilk on your own at home due to some natural components in a soybean which, when not removed, can pose some health hazards.  

Bonsoy Soymilk is processed by heat above 130 degrees Celsius which kills the harmful factors and bacteria innate in an unprocessed soybean.  

Aside from this, your family will enjoy Bonsoy Organic Soymilk for its natural, healthy ingredients which make it a truly fabulous soymilk.

  • Bonsoy organic soymilk uses organic soybeans: Every carton also comes with the goodness of barley, tapioca syrup, Job’s tears (hato matugi), all of which are health-giving plants. Soybeans in  Bonsoy Soymilk are naturally-grown on rotational basis and free of pesticides and herbicides.

  • Bonsoy organic soymilk is great-tasting and has a unique flavour: Many soymilk brands have strong beany flavour and awful taste. Bonsoy Soymilk has a distinct flavour that is natural, sweet and creamy. It has a mellow, full-bodied aroma that delights the palate and also the sense of smell. The tapioca syrup adds the sugary taste into the soymilk while the Job’s tears bring out its roasted yet, subtle and mild flavour that you will definitely enjoy!

  • Bonsoy organic soymilk is healthier and more nutritious: Being an organic product, Bonsoy Soymilk is an excellent source of vegetable protein, has less than 5% fat and is low in cholesterol. It is also gluten-free.

Give Your Family Bonsoy Organic Soymilk Today

With all the advantages you can get from every glass of Bonsoy organic soymilk, there’s no stopping the habit of having this healthy, goody gulp at breakfast, or during your child’s recess time at school, in the office during breaks, and just about anywhere and anytime!

Mums can also get creative about cooking and baking using Bonsoy Soymilk as the healthier alternative. Whether you are making Tuna Curry for dinner or baking custard cake for dessert, there’s always a good carton of Bonsoy organic soymilk to be your perfect culinary companion.

Give your family the best. Give them Bonsoy Organic Soymilk today!
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