Why Nature’s Glory Manuka Honey is Better Than Other Honey Brands in Singapore

Specially harvested from untouched lands in New Zealand, Nature’s Glory Manuka Honey is organically harvested and produced, resulting in high quality, premium grade manuka honey sold in Singapore

Due to the way our Manuka honey is organically harvested, only the purest honey goes into the production of our bottled honey. Our Manuka honey is organically certified by Agriquality New Zealand (iFOAM accredited), with no pesticides or additives used, no heat pasteurisation or irradiation and is lightly filtered into glass amber bottles that hold our nutrient-rich honey.

Our Manuka honey is measured by the strength of Total Activity which rates the amount of antibacterial activity in honey. The higher the TA number, the higher the antibacterial activity. Total activity for our Manuka honey is over 15+ and 30+, considered as high activity.

In contrast, other Manuka honey brands in Singapore are less focused on all these little details of Manuka honey production, as compared to our Nature’s Glory Manuka honey brand. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the purest and highest grade of organically certified Manuka honey for the best health benefits. 

Nature’s Glory Manuka Honey Versus Other Honey Brands in Singapore

Harvest Location

Nature’s Glory Manuka honey is harvested from land that is untouched and protected by the Department of Conservation in New Zealand. The land is inaccessible to tourists or industrial activity and is situated at higher altitudes. In comparison, other brands may harvest their honey from locations of lower altitude and thus may be potentially more polluted.

Pesticides & Sugar Used

Nature’s Glory Manuka honey does not contain any pesticides or added sugars. Our Manuka honey is among the first to be certified organic by Agriquality New Zealand (iFOAM accredited). 

Other Manuka honeys are mostly not organically certified and often use sugar to feed bees instead of allowing them to feed directly from flowers to produce honey. This contaminates the honey by introducing unnatural sources into the honey.

Antibiotics & irradiation

Our Manuka honey does not contain any antibiotics or irradiation, as this is strictly prohibited by New Zealand law. On the other hand, some producers of honey use gamma radiation to sterilise their honey products.
High heat treatment

Nature’s Glory Manuka honey is warmed and slowly filtered to retain its maximum nutrients, reaching up to a maximum of 35-37 degrees Celsius. Other honey brands often use high heat to liquefy honey for quick filtration and easy bottling, losing many nutrients and vitamins in the process.


Our organically certified Manuka honey is lightly filtered to retain maximum amounts of nutrients like bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and propolis, which contribute to the overall quality of our honey. In contrast, other Manuka honeys are often filtered under high pressure and temperature. 

Texture & Natural Sugars

Nature’s Glory Manuka honey is rougher due to the nutrients and natural sugars that are present. Recent research from the UK and Madrid attest that these special sugars have a prebiotic effect to promote good bacteria in the gut. 
In contrast, most other honeys are smooth and more fluid, with natural sugars often lost or destroyed when processed.

Pollen Count

Nature’s Glory Manuka honey has a pollen count of 91.5 - 96%, well above the standard 70% that is required to be classified as Manuka honey. Most other Manuka honeys only achieve the minimum of 70% monofloral pollen count.

Total Antibacterial Activity

Our Manuka honey has a High activity of TA of more than 15+ as rated by the NZ Medlab, whereas other honeys offered at the same price range contain lower antibacterial activity.


Nature’s Glory Manuka honey is packaged in glass amber bottles versus plastic bottles as it is non-reactive compared to other plastics.

Nature’s Glory Manuka Honey Products

We offer the best quality certified organic Manuka honey in Singapore, certified by NASAA and AgriQuality NZ (now AsureQuality NZ). Nature’s Glory Manuka Honey is tested by New Zealand government-accredited laboratories for TA and is certified organic based upon international organic standards. No sugar, antibiotics or chemicals are added to the honey. 

Our Manuka honeys come with a TA rating of 15+ and 30+ for our Organic New Zealand Manuka Honey Bioactive 15+ Nature's Glory and Organic New Zealand Manuka XO Honey Bioactive 30+ Nature's Glory. Both items are organically certified Manuka honey made from the purest, natural sources of honey from New Zealand. 

In addition, we pride ourselves on our 100% Organic Assurance to provide our customers with quality food products. By buying our certified organic Manuka honey in Singapore, you are buying into the assurance of 100% pure Manuka honey and all its accompanying health benefits.

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