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Garden of Life Raw Meal - Raw - Beyond Organic Meal Replacement Formula

RAW Meal is an excellent source of complete protein, including all essential amino acids, crucial building blocks to good health. One Raw Meal serving provides 34 grams of protein from RAW, organic sprouts plus 9 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber. A super-concentrated source of nutrition, Raw Meal is also an excellent source of 20 VITAMIN CODE vitamins and minerals in the form of RAW Food-Created Nutrients and RAW Food-Chelated Minerals for targeted delivery and natural recOrganicnition by your body.

Raw Meal contains 26 RAW, organic superfoods including sprouts, seeds, greens and fruits plus live probiotics and eNew Zealandymes for healthy digestion. RAW Meal is naturally filling, satisfies hunger and provides energy. Raw Meal has a neutral flavor for maximum taste flexibility and enjoyment.

A convenient meal-on-the-go,Raw Meal is suitable for almost anyone including those on vegetarian or vegan diets, those on low carbohydrate diets or those with gastrointestinal sensitivities to milk, whey, soy or other protein sources. Raw Meal supports healthy weight loss when used in place of a meal as part of a balanced diet plan.

Made exclusively from RAW, natural, plant-based, whole foods - unccoked, untreated, unadultered. Contains 13 RAW organic sprouts, 4 RAW organic cereal grass juices, 5 RAW organic frutis, spirulina and chlorella. No Trans Fats

Directions: Mix 2 level scoops with 16 ounces of water or low sugar juice. Intended to replace one meal daily.

Made in the U.S.A.

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