Eden Mu16 Tea bag

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Product of Japan

Mu Tea is unique, in both composition and flavor. Mu Tea possesses a reasonable balance of yin and yang.

Herbs become more effective when combined with other herbs as this combination produces a certain essence not present in one herb.

Mu Tea #16 is good for women who are over-sensitive to cold, and for those with menstrual pain problem. It also combats eczema and helps discharge the effects of chemicals from the body when prolonged medication is taken. Another product of health excellence made available through NATURE'S GLORY.

Preparation : Simmer one tea bag in a medium-sized kettle for about 10 minutes. For a stronger taste, continue to simmer under low heat till half of the liquid is gone.

Ingredients : Herbaceous peony root, Japanese parsley root, hoelen, cinnamon, licorice, peach kernels, ginger root, Japanese ginseng, rehmannia, mandarin orange peel, cnicus, atractylis, cypress, cloves, moutan and coptis.

Storage : Keep in a cool, dry place.
Available in 6g x 8 sachets per pack.

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