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Bio-good is a hot water extraction of Hokkaido Golden Oyster mushroom (Tamogi-take), containing very high concentrations of 1.3 Beta Glucan (112mg/80ml). This is many times higher than many known medicinal mushrooms. Recently, Beta Glucans have been widely researched for its strong ability to stimulate the immune system against cancer, as well as its anti-angiogenic effects (prevents formation of blood vessels to starve cancer cells). In April 2005, Associate Professor Kazunori Kato of Sapporo Medical University reported on the anti-tumor effects of Bio-Good at the American Association for Cancer Research.

Other health properties of Bio-Good have been studied as follows: 1. Anti-hypertension (due to presence of mannito). 2. Anti-Radicals (due to presence of phenolic compounds). 3. Anti-Mutagenic (protect mutation of genes due to linoleic acid). 4. Control of glucose level (due to presence of a petptide).

Why Nature's Glory Bio-Good so special Its special liquid allows quicker and maxium absorption and potency effects with hardly any resiudes. Most mushrooms are in powder, raw or dried form and take longer time to absorb, with undigested fibers posing potential toxin built up in a weak body system.

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