Fresh Lacto Chicken Boneless Skinless Breast 300g (Best Before: Approx. 3 days)

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Size: 300g
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* This item ships LOCALLY (in Singapore only). *

We do not carry much stock of this product due to its short shelf life.

Due to the sudden surge in demand for the fresh chicken, please expect some delays for your deliveries. Our customer service will inform you of the actual delivery date.

Fresh Organic Lacto Chicken Breast, Kee Song

Boneless and Without Skin

Lacto Chicken™ are ethical and organically farmed chicken using the latest technology in Malaysia. Fresh or frozen, these chickens are free of harmful antibiotics and growth hormones present in other chicken products. Instead, chickens are fed beneficial lactobacilli strains to stay naturally healthy.

*No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics

*Fed with Probiotics for Immunity

*Active and not caged up

*Nighttime rest

*Lower in Cholesterol and Saturated fats

*Halal certified

*MyOrganic Certification by the Ministry of Agriculture Agro-based Industry Malaysia

Available: 300g (Fresh Chicken Boneless Breast)

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