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Latest Japan Water Technology!
HiFlo Advanced Monoflo Energized Water System 1unit
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Free radicals are said to be responsible for over 200 degenerative diseases by compromising our body defense system. Free radicals can be found in the food we eat, chemicals, stress, body processes, environment, medicines and unhealthy lifestyles; these can lead to high acidity in the body.

In 2000, Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka, a prominent Japanese scientist, researcher and inventor who gave a talk on “Fight Cancer the Natural Way” to 900 people in Singapore, advocated taking alkaline-ionised water to promote good health and recovery, for its powerful anti-oxidant effects to help trap the free radicals and render them harmless, thus helps to prevent the damage of DNA in the cells. The alkaline-ionised water also helps to neutralize acids cause by food, drinks and stress. At the same time, taking alkaline-ionised water increases the anti-oxidant properties in food and health supplements, which are beneficial to one’s health.

Dr. Hanaoka is a pioneer in this field of research and invention, his work has been published in the Journal of Applied Electrochemistry. Since 1965, the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan endorsed this water technology for medical health purposes; The alkaline-ionised water can assist in chronic diarrhoea, gastro-intestinal fermentation, hyper-acidity, poor digestion whilst the acidic-ionised water helps in astringency.

In June 2014, after nearly 15 years of further research into the spring "miracle" waters of France, Germany and Mexico, Dr Hanaoka has further improved the electrolysed water technology to one that is even closer to what Nature intended, with properties similar to these "miracle" spring waters. Termed as HiFloAM water, this latest technology produces water which has: 1. High oxygen for cellular energy and health (up to 60% more than alkaline water).

2. High hydrogen for antioxidant and antiaging (8 times more compared to alkaline waters).

3. High hydration ability (4 to 10 times more than alkaline and other waters).

4. Low alkaline pH of 7 to 8 – suitable for all ages and gentle on the stomach.

5. No “wastage” of acidic water

. 6. Much more stable dissolved hydrogen and oxygen levels for several days in the water

HiFloAM Water is fully made in Japan, in a factory with Medical Standards ISO 13485 Certificate, which is considered much stricter and higher than ISO90001 quality standards, giving you peace of mind in your purchase. Due to the high quality standards and high quality materials used (eg the high quality Platinum Titanium plates in the chambers which will not rust), HiFloAM water system is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years or 48,000L (whichever comes first). Basing on 48,000L, for a family of 4 which takes 10 litres a day, this works out to be more than 13 years of usage!!!

Including fiter change and cost of machine, it is only 10 cents per litre to enjoy all these health benefits!

Do let us know when you could come down to see our demonstration of HiFloAM Water, as well as a free “health check” through blood capillaries microscope. We also welcome you to bring any of your water samples where we can show you the difference compared to HiFloAM Water and sample our water as well.

The post filter is to be changed every 3 months.

The pre filter is to be changed every 1 year.

Nett Price; Call 62271318 to book a system today to enjoy the benefits today!

While Stocks last !

Product of Japan

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