3 Colour Fermented Turmeric Powder 30g/90g Nature's Glory(Best before: Approx. 2 years)

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3 Colour Fermented Turmeric Powder Nature's Glory

Product of Japan

Health Benefit

- Regarded as “private medicine” for centuries, the Japanese take turmeric when they feel unwell, fatigue. A time-tested herb, famed for its Anti-inflammatory property.

- Helps blood pressure, stomach/ liver trouble, other illnesses or maintain good health. Good for arthritis, brain and heart.

- Fermentation of turmeric reduces sugar & makes nutrients more available.

Why Choose Us

Nature’s Glory 3 colour turmeric powder is made from the fermentation of 3 types of turmeric: purple, spring & autumn turmeric. Grown over 3 seasons on the beautiful islands of Okinawa, Japan. No chemicals are used. Organically Grown.


100% fermented turmeric powder. No binders or chemicals.

Dosage: take 3-5 g or 1-2 teaspoons per day

Available: 30g, 90g

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