Almond Milk PureHarvest Original 1litre Organic Gluten Free Nett

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Volume: 1litre


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Pureharvest Almond Milk contains 11% organic almonds. This is nearly four times the number of real almonds than some other brands, making Pureharvest Almond Milk taste even better.

Because we use a larger number of almonds we don’t need to enhance the flavour of our milk with the use of almond essence or cane sugar. Our Almond Milk does not contain cane sugar or use any natural flavour or gums.

Why Choose Us

We use our Organic Rice Syrup as a sweetener, which is a low fructose sweetener unlike agave syrup which is an extremely high fructose sweetener. Our almond milk is also soy and lecithin free. Pureharvest Organic Almond Milk. Purely the best.


Filtered water, organic almonds, organic rice syrup, organic sunflower oil, sea salt.Product of Australia

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