Almond Nut Snax Energy Bar Kuranda 175g Gluten Free

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Weight: 175g


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Almond Nut Snax Energy Bar, Kuranda-Gluten Free

Source of Protein, Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free, Plant-Based, Low GI, Fruit Free.

Product of Australia

Almond Nut Snax Bar is a favourite for those that love the rich full taste of roasted almonds without peanuts or fruit. It is an ideal savoury snack; suitable for diabetics as it is lightly sweetened with all Australian raw honey. Our Almond Nut Snax Bar is very crunchy without being too hard on the bite. Enjoy the healthy snack bar! 

Each 175g Pack contains 5 individually wrapped 35g nut and seed bars.

Health Benefits
100% Gluten, wheat and dairy-free. Low GI (glycaemic index); friendly for Diabetics. It does not contain any added sugar. Contains all-natural source of protein. No artificial colours. No added preservatives.

It is a nutritious and tasty snack for people of all ages. It is also great for those are leading an active lifestyle or are looking for an all-natural healthy alternative to support special dietary requirements and those who may experience food allergies such as gluten, wheat and dairy intolerances.

Nutrition Facts (For serving size 40g)
Energy: 820KJ, Protein: 6.9g, Total Fat: 14.5g (Saturated Fat: 2.4g), Carbohydrate: 12.8g (Sugars: 7.2g, Dietary Fibre: 3.0g), Sodium: 3.7mg.

Quantities stated above are average only.

Almonds (min 17%), Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Honey, Pepitas, Puffed Rice, Rice Flour, Tahini, Organic Rice Syrup, Organic Puffed Amaranth, Vanilla.


Keep in a cool and dry location away from sunlight.

Available: 175g

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