Bayam (Big) Local (Organically Grown) 140g

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Bayam (Big)

Bayam contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, potassium, ferrum, amaranthine, rutine, purine and vitamin A, B, C.

THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS: Improve renal function and is a cholagogue (cholagogue is a medicinal agent which promotes the discharge of bile from the system, purging it downward). Since bayam contains real fiber, it is used to ease defecation, and is recommended to be consumed for patients with large intestine cancer, diabetes, high blood cholesterol and to lose weight.

INDICATION: Leaves: blood cleanser after giving birth; hair root strengthener; low blood pressure; anemia; renal failure.

USAGE: General: boil or steam 25 – 30 of fresh bayam leaves, and consume with peanut sauce (bumbu kacang) or liquid palm sugar to add taste.

Another way is to make bayam juice using the fresh bayam leaves and stalks. Or you may prepare a clear vegetable soup with: Bayam 2 bunches, corn 1 stalk, cut to small pieces, 1 inch galangal (ginger) cut up, sugar 1 teaspoon, salt as needed.

Wash and boil the vegetables in 1 liter water, add the sugar and salt, and serve.

Another recipe is to peel off the very thin outer fibrous layer and cut about 1 cm thick and cook with anchovies/meat and the leaves to make a soup or a gravy dish. Or cut them into smaller pieces and make a bayam omelette. Or you can add it into a bean/lentil curry.

For external use: grind adequate amount of fresh bayam to a fine mushy substance, and apply to wound or insect or snakebites.

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