Brown Rice Cracker White Sesame Nature's Glory 75g

Nature's GlorySKU: 3-C60

Weight: 75g



Product of Japan

our brown rice crackers are made from a blend of carefully selected brown rice, pearl barle, wheat germ and seeds. It is not only very delicious, but also highly nutritious, rich in iron and calcium. The dough is lightly steamed and baked to crispy perfection and seasoned with Japanese shoyu. No artificial chemicals, sweeteners or additives are added to them. Easily digestible, they make a delicious healthy snack for children, office workers during tea break anytime, anywhere.

Ingredients: Brown Rice, white Sesame Seeds - a rich source of calcium and iron (more than 30%), Shoyu (Soybean, Wheat, Sea Salt & Koji).

Store in cool, dry place.

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