HiFloAM Water® Energized Water System (Under The Sink Version) (Indefinite shelf life)

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HiFlo Advanced Monoflo Water® Energized Water System (Undersink)

HiFloAM Water through electrolysis, has the same properties of the miracle waters of Lourdes, Nordenau, Tlacote and the glacier water, distinct from all other waters. It has a mild neutral pH in harmony with healthy blood; up to eight times more dissolved hydrogen (DH) than most conventional alkaline waters to deal with free radicals; high dissolved oxygen not found in most waters, including alkaline water, for cellular health; and high dissociation activity of hydration and permeability for us to drink more to replace toxins and reduce acidity.

Good for Toxic and Acidic Removal

Many had feedback that daily bowel clearance and urination is so good to help build up healthy colon, liver, kidneys and organs for improved health. Limited research was done in the United States where cancer patients drank three litres of HiFloAM Water daily and were found to be responding well.

Good for Anti-ageing and Beauty

The intracellular and extracellular water levels of the elderly have shown improvement with HiFloAM Water, transforming ageing to youthful cells. It serves also as a skin moisturiser for beauty and for hair health and helps to reduce water retention for natural slimming. Unlike alkaline water, this water is for all ages including babies, fish and plants. It is good for children’s growth and development and reduces the chances of being sick. Healthy brains need healthy oxygen; likewise, for all the organs and blood.

Good for Metabolism and Speedier Delivery

HiFloAM Water permeates through food, drinks, supplements and medicines to extract and maximise the nutrients for speedier delivery and penetrates much faster than most waters for better health and recovery.

Good for Fish Hobby and Farming

Fish hobbyists will love this water as it contains a high level of oxygen and is chlorine-free, which is good for fish, and DH to deal with free radicals that otherwise lead to diseases. It is potentially good for fish breeding and for high valued fish to be champions. Freshwater fish have a fishy smell but we believe that using HiFloAM Water could reduce the smell to be almost as good as seawater fish, given time. Likewise, for orchid and other flowers, bee, vegetable and animal farming to produce high standards of excellence.

Good for Restaurants and Industries

HiFloAM Water makes water, drinks and food tastes smooth and good, and helps to maximise nutrients and absorption and to minimise the blockages in the digestive system that affects the colon. It makes new wine taste like old wine! It helps enhance the potency of products in the cosmetic, food, and medical/health industries. It adds strength and power to bottled waters and even provides cheaper drinking water through water dispensers to save the environment.

Product of Japan

HiFloAM Water® is fully made in Japan, in a factory with Medical Standards ISO 13485 Certificate, which is considered much stricter and higher than ISO90001 quality standards, giving you peace of mind in your purchase. Due to the high-quality standards and high-quality materials used (eg. the high-quality Platinum Titanium plates in the chambers which will not rust), HiFloAM Water®r system is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years or 48,000L (whichever comes first). Basing on 48,000L, for a family of 4 which takes 10 litres a day, this works out to be more than 13 years of usage!!!

Including filter change and cost of the machine, it is only 10 cents per litre to enjoy all these health benefits!


We will contact you once we received your order. You will be asked for photos of the area or tap to which the system is to be installed, and if there is an electrical power point nearby. Additional charges for new power points or new taps apply.

Do let us know when you could come down to see our demonstration of HiFloAM Water®, as well as a free “health check” through blood capillaries microscope. We also welcome you to bring any of your water samples where we can show you the difference compared to HiFloAM Water® and sample our water as well. (We will resume this after the COVID restriction is over - meanwhile Stay Home, Stay Safe, Eat Healthily).

Call + 65 6227 1318 to book a system now!

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