Lemon Honey Nature's Glory 450g OG.

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Organic Lemon Honey is truly a gift from Nature, with superb nutrients blended by the bees from 7 alpine herbal plants. The main plants are blue Borage and Clover, good against stress, fatigue, cough, cold, and sore throats.
The other 5 Manuka, famed for its high anti-bacterial effects. Pehutukawa (a tree with deep roots absorbing trace minerals found only in deep soil), Tawari, Kamehi and Rafa.
Organic Lemon Juice is high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants energising and refreshing the whole body.
This honey is superior to the common clover honey due to its herbal blending and minerals, with the forest trees located high up in the alpine regions, with rich soil and fresh air. In contrast, most clover plants are found in the lower and less ideal regions.
Nature's Glory Organic Honey Dew is harvested near the beautiful, clean east coasts of the south island, NZ, an area visited even by the whales, and dolphins. Our bees are not fed with sugar or antibiotics, producing honey organically certified by Agri quality NZ, no pesticides or additives used Harvested and prepared hygienically to compliance with the Food Safety Authority. No heat pasteurisation or irradiation used, so you can get the whole nutrients.

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