Miriqa White Tomatoes+ Olive Extracts Beauty 30 caps (Best Before:04/2021)

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Health Benefits

These brilliant breed of non-GMO white tomatoes, with colourless carotenoids helps to deliver the following Skin Benefits:

1. Double –potency non –GMO white tomato extract; Skin whitening, sun protection, anti-aging

2. Olive Extract: Super anti-oxidant and powerful free-radical capturing agent -10 times more than Vitamin C, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-bacterial

3. L-Cysteine: Lightens pigmentation, brightens skin tone Whitening. Prevent melanin synthesis to reduce pigmentation, scar marks and blemishes. Promote a more radiant and fairer complexion.

4. Youth renewal Improve skin hydration, suppleness, elasticity and smoothness. Even out your skin tone for an Youth renewal effect and youthful restoration.

Sun Protection A natural sunscreen to shield against UV rays, help reduce sunburn and increase the skin's natural UV protection.

Why Choose Us

Non-GMO White Tomato Extract, 100% natural, made from premium natural ingredients. Proven to provide effective protection from UV rays, helps skin-whitening, with youth renewal benefits.

CONVENIENT: Only 1 capsule a day. Having your daily dose or Miriqa™ is like eaiting the freshest pick of tomatoes and olives .It can be taken anytime you desire, day or night, before or after food. We recommend to take daily at a regular time (i.e if a capsule is taken in the morning on the 1st day , try to follow the same routine the following day.

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