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Contains heath energy signatures from Nature, to activate and restore the body's immune system to good health balance on a 24-hour basis.

NeB Super Sleep Patch helps boost immune to cope up with increasing stress, anxieties and depression, release melatonin to achieve the ideal stage of Theta & Delta sleep levels, to restore sleep and energy.

No drugs, chemicals pills, injections or needles are used, with no known side effects.

Sleep Support

65% of population is sleep deprived. The latest studies show that if you lose an hour of sleep you actually have to make up for it to catch up. We are under so much stress and we have so many personal, social and business obligations that most people are 6 hours of sleep behind on Saturday. There is no way they can make it up sleeping late on Saturday.

Our Sleep Support Booster is designed to reconstruct the natural sleep cycle and reestablish the natural sleep patterns.

It works in three phases.

The first stage activates the sleep cycle. We find depletion of energy in the pineal gland that produces the hormone called melatonin. All sleep deprived people always have a reduction in this energy pattern. When we place this energy back into the field, the pineal gland responds to it.

In 1997 we identified very specific frequencies that occur in the brain that increase the coping skills for stress and anxiety. We placed these frequencies into the second phase of the booster.

Correct rest for healing and regeneration of the body happens in theta and delta sleep. If your body can get to that stage, it starts the natural process of healing. We identified the exact frequencies that occur in the human brain during theta and delta sleep cycle and placed them into the third phase of the booster.

So to sum it up, the booster helps you start the normal flow of hormone that begins your sleep cycle. The next step is the release of energy that supports your coping skills for stress and anxiety – the things that keep you awake at night. The third phase introduces the frequencies of theta and delta sleep into the field and helps to get your body into healing sleep.

Sleep Support is the greatest healing booster you will ever use. It is so comfortable. When you sleep, you are getting very whimsical dreams. It feels like getting under your favourite down comforter and hugging it. It makes you so comfortable and so relaxed. You will get a great night’s sleep. If you want to try out one booster first try our Sleep Support. You will know that it works. Put it on before bedtime; peel it off in the morning when you wake up. You will feel awake and alert within 5 minutes or stick it into the inner pillow case where you lay your head.

Some people will put on Energy/Stamina booster to jolt them to action but most people won’t need it after a good night sleep. You need to use the programme for only 5 days to reestablish the sleep cycle. You may have to repeat the programme after travel and changing time zones.

Energy and Stamina Support

This is an important and effective booster as most people get out of pep in the afternoon. It gives the second wind to the body. We are studying athletes for improved stamina. Lack of energy is a big problem – there are over 100 thousand accidents each year caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Alcohol-related accidents are on the second place.

If I am driving somewhere at night for over 45 minutes I put on this booster to make sure I don’t fall asleep. It is great for truck drivers, taxi drivers, etc. When truck drivers use caffeine and ephedra products they can’t relax and get proper rest when they reach their destination because they are revved up by chemicals. When they use Energy and Stamina booster, its effect goes away 5 minutes after they take off the booster.

This product is not intended for medical diagnosis and/or treat, cure, prevent any disease. 

Invented in Singapore, with USA imported Materials.

Research Background of Nano Energy Booster System

Dr. RH, creator of Nano Energy Booster System, has been involved in healthcare for the last 30 years. In the last 15 years he worked in the field of homeopathy and homeopathic pharmacology. He designed over 50 OTC homeopathic and herbal products. He has been researching human energy fields for over a decade. This complex and time consuming research project led to the creation of 33 energetic therapies known as Nano Energy Booster System.

All energy patterns are measurable. Dr. RH worked with thousands of people with degenerative diseases and health challenges. He also worked with many people in the state of abundant health. He was able to find out that there are specific orderly energy patterns that are present in healthy people and that are depleted or are completely missing in sick people.

Fritz Albert Popp made one of the greatest discoveries in science; he discovered that every chemical action in the body or outside the body is preceded by a specific energetic message. Dr. Popp created equipment to measure this energy in the human body. He called these bursts of energy or light that can communicate with all cells in the body “biophotons.” For this discovery, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize.

We know that we can measure energy patterns, we can identify depleted energy patterns and we can restore these patterns. This is what our new technology is about.

There are two directions of energetic medicine:

1. To stimulate a response from the body.

2. To identify lack of energy that is supposed to be there.

When we look at young children we see an abundance of this large spectrum of energy, we see health, happiness, resistance to disease. We live in the world that has become very toxic, we live in a society that has pushed the speed of life, the speed of our perceptions to absolute limit, we live in stress, have mental and physical trauma occurring to us almost on a daily basis. Because of this our protective energies, the energies that a child has, start getting depleted. We are looking at Nature to find these specific energetic patterns that are present in healthy bodies, in foods and dietary supplements. We take these specific energies and put them back into the body using Nano Energy Booster Technology.

We can find out what particular frequencies (energy patterns) are depleted long before any disease symptoms manifest. We can restore the natural energy patterns and stop the process of disease development completely. We don’t look at toxicity. We look for reduction in healthy patterns. I could’nt tell you the frequency of mercury, or lead, or amalgam filling. I don’t invest my time looking for toxicity. I’m looking for very 2 specific energies that are gone. Two people with the same health problem will have the same energy patterns missing or very depleted. Our Nano Energy Booster System allows bringing back these energies to what is considered a normal level – the level found in healthy people. Once we regain those energy patterns in sick people we observe an improvement in symptoms, regaining of health.

An interesting thing about healing is that it is not something we go for into the future. It is a process of restoration. We go for healing into the past. Healing is not a forward motion. It is actually time-reversed.

Nano Energy Booster Technology is the 21st century method of energy delivery to the body. A booster is a field of energy. The nano boosters are non-Transdermal. They are made of metalised material. We determine and burn particular frequency patterns into the booster just like a software programme is burnt on a CD. Our primary goal is to introduce frequencies only beneficial for the body. We don’t programme any frequencies into the booster that don’t normally occur in an abundantly healthy person.

In our new technology we have taken the concept of homeopathy – energy medicine – and we expanded it to the 21st century product. We eliminated pills, capsules and have a delivery system of a pure energy field. The body absorbs the energy like a dry sponge absorbs water because this energy is supposed to be there.

We can see how the booster works using new technology of digital aura camera photography. We take an aura photo, then put on a booster, wait for 3 minutes and take another picture. We see the energy fields completely change. In one case we see that the auric field extended by 6 inches when a booster was introduced into the field. The glow becomes very dense in colour, creating a shield. We see enriched deeper, denser colours. The booster creates a surge of energy for the body to absorb. It is not going into the body; the body is resonating back and forth with it. We have actual aura photographs and videos that show how this is actually occurring. It is a nebulous process because the energy is invisible but with the new technologies today we can see energy – we can see it change colour, hue, shape. We have the tools to show and visually prove these things.

Energy used to be a very mysterious substance. Today it is no more mysterious than the wind that blows the sails of a boat. We can see energy, measure it, analyse it and work with it. The equipment “Interactive Aura Station” also interacts with all energy centres of the body and gives a 22-page report. We can do a lot of research and testing with this equipment. It is also available for practitioners.

The technology seems simple but it took us 15 years to come up with 22 therapies. The wonderful fact about the human body is that it knows what it needs and it constantly asks for it. The energy patterns of our 22 therapies are all found in abundantly healthy people. They are not foreign to the body, they are supposed to be there and as soon as the body comes in contact with that energy it embraces it. All we do is introduce the booster into the energy field of the body. The body reaches for these frequencies and grabs them, if it needs them.

The nano boosters don’t have side effects. Side effects are associated with synthetic substances, such as pharmaceuticals. We are using normal natural frequencies. When the body needs them, it absorbs them. If the body doesn’t need a frequency, it just circulates in an energetic pattern.

The beauty of our nano energy products is obvious results. This summer I spoke at the conference at the University of Ohio. There was an unusual flu outbreak there in July. I offered flu nano boosters to some people who were affected so badly they didn’t think they would be able to attend or speak. They all showed up the next day and all spoke of tremendous improvements they experienced within 6-12 hours of wearing a booster. Almost all flu symptoms were gone.

Our programmes were so intensely researched to create a quick massive benefit for the user; most people don’t doubt the booster is working for them. The frequencies of flu virus are in a very narrow range. We studied and defined very specific frequencies for influenza virus. It is a pattern of energy that becomes depleted and allows the virus to come in. Once the frequency is restored, the body’s resistance goes up to normal.

Our body attracts and pulls the energy on the left side, so we recommend that the booster is placed on the left shoulder. The body can absorb 100% of energy from the booster. When the booster is placed on the right shoulder the body will absorb 75% of available energy.

A standard EAV testing device used for testing supplements can be used to test nano boosters. We have developed special test cards that can be used with test plates. This practitioner places a booster on the test plate and takes readings from the client and identifies which therapy is beneficial for him/her based on the scores. The order form lists nano boosters in alphabetical order. The cards are in alphabetical order too. I use a yellow highlighter and mark the therapies that are necessary for the client. It is a fast and efficient system. You can test for all therapies in 15 minutes, in 30 minutes the patient will be ready to get started on the programmes.

You can also use test cards with SCIO. We have a practitioner in Phoenix, Arizona who uses an EAV device called Biotron that looks like a box with a large metre on the front. It is easy for practitioner to use and easy for the client to see the readings. They offer a two day training session that explains the equipment.

Compliance is very high as there is no need for pills, bottles, timing, no need to take medication to work, etc. All they need is to place the booster on the left shoulder and leave it there for 3 days.

We are using a mild hypoallergenic adhesive on the booster to hold it in place. It will stay for up to 3 days. If the skin is oily it may come off sooner but we don’ want to use too strong adhesive so as not to irritate the skin. You can keep it on while taking he shower or you can reinforce it with a surgical tape or a Band-Aid for the remaining days.

A 10-pack of nano boosters is a 30 day supply.

All frequencies in all 22 programmes are perfectly balanced. These are energetics that are totally accepted by the body. You can do 2-3 programmes without overwhelming a patient with energy. The nano boosters are very powerful. People may experience the benefits almost immediately. The results are very recognisable. If they use too many programmes, they may feel discomfort. When you do the test and assign the therapy use the triage method – start with the two that are most essential and then move down and complete the therapy.

Nano Energy Booster System is a convenient solution for gaining and maintaining health. It is a total restoration programme. We are restoring the wonderful energies that you find in those with abundant health. We’ve met with many wonderful therapists, naturopaths, MD’s. So many people today are interested in pursuing more natural remedies, energetic interventions and we are very pleased with the way our line of nano boosters has been used. Some people report 100% effectiveness of therapies.

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