Nature's Glory Ceramic Mill (Spice) 1pc (Indefinite shelf life)

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Ceramic Mill (Spice), Nature's Glory

Ceramic Mill is an essential tool in the lineup of kitchen utensils such as knives, peelers, slicers, and graters. Many of these products have shown superior performance characteristics due to the incorporation of Advanced Ceramics in critical areas of the design.

The blade (wheel) of the Mill is made of ceramic porcelain, with delicate grooves. It can be used to grind salt, spices, and peppers. The major benefit of the mill is that it has no metallic odour and consequently does not affect the flavour of the ground product. In addition, as the mill is made primarily from ceramics, there are no “rusting” issues, even with aggressive materials such as rock salt. The ceramic blades also display a high degree of wear resistance, which leads to a high degree of grinding efficiency throughout the life of the product. Other materials used in the construction include, glass (for the bottle) and polypropylene for the head of the mill.

This model is especially designed for grinding spices.

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