Organic Purple Sweet Potato Chips Nature's Glory 3 x 60g Bundle

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Organic Purple Sweet Potato Chips Nature Glory


Our Chips are honest to goodness delicious! Organic Whole Sweet Potatoes grown in volcanic soils are hand-harvested, thinly cut and slowly cooked in organic coconut oil, then spinned to remove excess oil. A dash of coconut palm sugar and sea salt are added.

Certified Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Chemical & Pesticide Free.

Health Benefits

Sweet Potatoes are rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and other antioxidants and are a favourite food among the health-conscious. Many are also re-discovering the health benefits of coconut oil used since ancient times.

Snack Away, Guilt-Free! Pack this bag of chips to your next salon appointment or gym session. Enjoy these chips yourself or with loved ones any time of the day, on all occasions. Pamper yourself, You Deserve it!

Did You Know?

The Anti-oxidant level in purple sweet potatoes is three times higher than in blueberries. Sweet potatoes are NOT the same as potatoes. They are natural collagen boosters and rich in minerals and electrolytes.

Nutritional Fact (serving size (25g)):

Calories (130). Total Fat (7g) Saturated Fat (5g) Trans Fat (0g) Cholesterol (0mg) Sodium (90mg) Total Carbohydrate (16g) Dietary Fiber (4g) Total Sugar (3g) including 0.1g added sugars. Protein (1g) Vitamin D (0mcg) Calcium (19mg) Iron (0.3mg) Potassium (270mg)


Organic Whole Purple Sweet Potatoes* (not extruded), Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar*

Product of Indonesia

* Note that this batch of chip might be slightly over cooked. Item that is under promotion is non returnable /refundable

Available: 60g

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