Organic Sultanas (Non Sulphur Added) Nature's Glory 500g(Best Before: Approx. 1 year)

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Organic Sultanas (No Sulphur Added) Nature's Glory 

Product of Turkey

The culture of vine growing in Turkey dates back to 3500 BC in Anatolia. This is not surprising, since Turkey has one of the best climates in the world for growing vines. Sultanas, in common with all vine fruit have two specific attributes of real benefit.

Health Benefits

The sugars in dried grapes do not include any sucrose or glucose, only fructose. Hence the energy is released in a more controlled and slower way, making sultanas an ideal food for breakfast. They also contain vitamins B1, B2 and various minerals.

Secondly, it contains very substantial levels of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants act by helping to prevent premature degradation of cells in the body and neutralize free radicals.

Some initial research has also indicated that the average levels of these anti-oxidants may be higher in organic than in non-organic foods. Sultanas are medically proven to help in child growth, probably due to the fact that they’re sweet and easy to eat so kids love them!

Recent research showed that inulin, a naturally occurring fibre in raisins promotes the growth of good bacteria like lactobacillus in the colon and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Good bacteria in the colon also produce certain fatty acids from inulin, which favour the growth of healthy colon cells and inhibit the growth of tumours.

Daily consumption of sultanas with a healthy diet may not only be protective against colon cancer but help build up a healthy intestinal flora especially after treatment with Antibiotics.

Why Choose Us

Many commercially available sultanas are not grown organically. After harvesting and drying, most are bleached and sulfured to prolong storage life and prevent subsequent discolouration.

The vines used in the production of Nature’s Glory Sultanas are organically grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals and are not genetically modified. Our Sultanas meet the stringent Swiss standards of organic certification (IMO-Switzerland)

No sulfur added. No Chemicals, No colours, No Sugar added

How to Eat

Try baking with it, add them on to your cereal for breakfast, salads, desserts or simply enjoy as a healthy snack for young and old!

Available: 500g

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