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The goats in Hay Dairies are fed with Alfalfa Hay from the US which is high in protein, minerals and is free from GMO. We complement our goats'diet with a special feed from Australia that is based on grains, vitamins, minerals and is free from Genetically Modified Maize(GMM).

Hay Dairies goat farm meets agreed standards of food safety, animal welfare as governed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) as well as environmental protection as governed by the National Environment Agency(NEA). We are independently audited by SGS (Singapore) to ensure we maintain a top-quality supply of fresh goats'milk for you to enjoy. 

Hay Dairies goat milk is pasteurized at a low temperature and no preservatives are added during the process. Our goat milk is free from antibiotics and growth hormones as tested/approved by SFA. 

Storage: Must be kept at 4 Degrees Celcius and below to maintain the freshness(with or without opening of the bottle). If your fridge is not cold enough, the milk will turn bad before the used by date indicated on the botlle. 

Available: 800mL

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