Paris Creek Farm Bio-Dynamic Organic Blueberry Yogurt (Original Recipe) 500g

Paris CreekSKU: 1-B72-1

Weight: 500g


This product is not available for customers outside Singapore

We do not carry much stock of this product due to its short shelf life. If you have paid for this, the yogurt may be delivered within 1-2 weeks of payment, together with the rest of your order.

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek Pty Ltd, Multi award winning producer of healthy biodynamic/organic dairy products. Our range of yogurts, milks, quarks, butter and cheeses are for today's discerning consumers looking for pure healthy food for themselves and their families.

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek biodynamic Yogurt is free of any artificial colours and flavours, bleached industrial sugars and salts, thickeners and milk powder.

Paris Creek's Blueberry Yogurt is fruity and mild with a touch of sweetness. Made with real blueberries that contain natural antioxidants. Live A, B, C Cultures.

Ingredients: Whole Milk**, Fruit Puree*(made with real fruit & sugar), Cultures (a delicate blend including Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bacterium Bifidum and Casei).**Certified biodynamic. * Certified organic or biodynamic.

Product of Australia.

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