Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Eulogia of Sparta 500mL(BB: March 2023)

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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Eulogia of Sparta

Product of Greece

Eulogia of Sparta Premium products have won various taste awards over the last few years and they stand out from other products due to their fine quality, unmistakable modern packaging and superior taste. They are all exceptional quality and from unique places of Greece and being produced under respectful to the nature and the most eco friendly tecniques. Most are in limited reserve Through this ultimate experience of the senses consumers will have the opportunity to embark on a virtual travel to the seas,mountains valleys and creeks of a country with an absolutely unique ecosystem. The highest quality and unmistakable packaging could provide a divine experience unparalleled to anything else have been tasted, smelled and seen before.

Storage: Store in dark, dry and cool place. 

Available: 500mL

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