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Boost your Immune System Naturally with Nature’s Immunity Boosters

Propolis Balls

For thousands of years, bees have been meticulously extracting natural chemical compounds from trees and plant parts and mixing with their saliva to make Propolis (also known as Bee’s Glue). They bees cover their hives with propolis to protect their hives against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Made from Bee Propolis, Ume Plum extract, Honey, and Vitamin C, Nature’s Glory’s Propolis Balls protect you from within against all nasties, hence fortifying your immunity. Also available in liquid form.

Dosage: Suck 5-6 balls or more daily before meals.  (half for children below 10).

Propolis Liquid Extract Organic

Nature's Glory high potency liquid propolis extract is alcohol-free, certified organic and made from propolis and manuka honey.

Dosage: 10-15 drops a day or more if needed. 

Garlic Balls

Garlic has been used since ancient times, as a medicinal herb to help a wide array of ailments. Garlic is filled with powerful compounds such as Allicin, Diallyl Trisulfide and a whole array of naturally occurring chemical compounds that are anti-microbial and rich in antioxidants that help fight infections, protect the body from oxidative stress and aid detoxification.

Ingredients: Odorless Garlic, Black Garlic, Rice Syrup, Honey, Corn Starch, Starch, Soybean Fibre, Citrus Powder, Vitamin Mix

Dosage: Suck 8-10 balls or more daily after meals. (half for children below 10)

We believe the Potent Combination of Nature’s Glory’s Propolis, and Garlic Balls will fortify your immunity during this trying times.

Child immunity boosters :S$59.9
Propolis drops (30ml)
Garlic balls (150 balls)
Usual 65$
Now 59.9$
Save: S$5.10

Adult immunity boosters:S$39.90
Propolis balls (124 balls)
Garlic balls (150 balls)
Usual 43.5$
Now 39.9$

Family immunity boosters :S$178
Propolis balls (496 balls)
Garlic balls (750 balls)
Propolis drops (30 ml)
Usual 211$
Now 178$
Save 33$ plus FREE Manuka propolis lozenges worth 12.5$

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