Prune Extract Omega Nutrition 350g Organic.

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Organic Prune Extract (Omega Nutrition)

Made from organic dried prunes

High Antioxidants

A natural sweetener

Enhances shelf life

Made exclusively from the best organic dried prunes, Omega Nutrition's Organic Prune Extract brims with natural health properties. Used in food preparations (for cakes, cookies, sundaes, smoothies, yOrganicurt, protein & power drinks). It can also be used for commercial sauces, dressings & marinades.

Organic Prune Extract extends food flavour, enhances shelf life, replaces fat, and provides sweetness from naturally occurring sweetening agents such as fructose and sorbitol.

Recommended dosage: 1-2 teaspoonfuls once daily for full benefits.

Ingredients:100% Organic California Dried Prunes.

Product of USA

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