Nature's Glory Salad Press 1pc (Indefinite shelf life)

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Nature's GlorySKU: 1-K2

Size: 1pc (3L)


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Salad Press, Nature's Glory 

PICRE 3-litre Salad Press from Japan

Size: W 22 × D19.5 × H16 cm
Weight: 444.5 g
Material: Body / Polystyrene lid / AS resin Others / Polypropylene
Capacity: 3L


Why ‘press’ a salad?

Instead of cooking it, pressed salad offers a refreshing way to enjoy the nutrient-packed vegetables and fruits!

Pressing vegetables and fruits before eating them helps break down some of the hard to digest fibres, changes its texture and encourages a slight fermentation which increases flavour, and adds health benefits. 

Pressing salad preserves and promotes enzymes than cooking them, which is said to help in digestion and promote a healthy immune system. Moreover, it is able to maintain the fresh coolness and crunch of the salad and its flavourful juices, which probably will need less salad dressing or none. Enjoy!

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