Silan 100% Natural Dates Syrup 400g Kinneret Farm (Best before: Jan 2021)

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Silan - 100% Natural Dates Syrup, Kinneret Farm

This natural sweetener is made from fresh juicy dates, bursting with the honey-caramel taste of this exotic fruit, and full of natural goodness. Silan is a traditional Middle Eastern date syrup, prepared by slowly cooking and filtering the dates to create a rich and delicious liquid sweetener.

Why Choose Us

- Made from 100% Natural Fresh Dates, using the freshest selection of dates

- No Added Sugars / Additives or Artificial Flavors

- No Preservatives

- Low in fat, cholesterol-free

- Vegan-friendly, no animal by-products

- Packaged in a BPA-free squeeze bottle with easy-grip design

High in calcium, potassium, magnesium & phosphorus. Source of fibre. An instant source of energy. Use Silan as a replacement for sugar or honey, in all your favourite baked goods and smoothies.


May contain Residue of nuts (walnuts , hazelnuts, sesame, soy.

Storage: Keep Refrigerated after opening, Shelf life is stamped on the lid

Available: 400g

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