Spelt Flour Aust Nature's Glory 500g Organic.

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Spelt is an ancient grain that was grown in Ancient Egypt more than nine thousand years ago. Spelt is among the first grains known to man.

Spelt contain large amounts of anti-carcinoma B17, which helps the body fight against cancer, Spelt is very high in crude fibre, much higher than wheat, and is responsible for a clean and healthy digestive tract. Spelt contains special carbohydrates which play a decisive role in stimulating the body’s immune system. In wheat the vital nutrients are contained in the bran and wheat germ which are usually removed in the production of flour. In spelt these vital nutrients are contained throughout the grain and are not lost in the milling process.

Spelt flour is one of the more popular non-wheat flour. It shows up in pastas, breads and in a variety of specifically wheat-free recipes, spelt flour actually makes excellent bread. The spelt bread is usually moist and has a nutty flavour.

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