Stute For Diabetic Strawberry Extra Jam 430g(BB: May 31,2023)

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Stute For Diabetic Strawberry Extra Jam 

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Stute Foods' extensive range of 'No Sugar Added' Jam and Marmalade offers a healthier alternative to ordinary jam, containing 90% less sugar and 30% less calories.

We're proud of our heritage and this is an original recipe that has been a market leader since 1969.

Stute’s No Sugar Added Strawberry Extra Jam doesn’t just appeal to diabetics but also those looking to achieve a better lifestyle by reducing the amount of sugar in their diet.

Ingredients: Sweetener (Sorbitol),Strawberry,Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Gelling Agents: Pectin
Prepared with 35g of fruit per 100g
Sugar Content: 2.1g per 100g

Available: 430g

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