Triple Vegan Milk Bundle Edensoy Carob Soymilk 946ml + Coco Quench + Hazel Quench

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CAROB SOYMILK + Coco Quench + Hazel Quench BUNDLE 

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Edensoy Carob Organic Eden (946ml)

Chocolate like Flavour (BB : Aug 2021)

Product of USA

A delicious dairy-free soy beverage and certified organic by OCIA.

Edensoy is made from organic soybeans, organic barely, kombu seaweed, water. It contains high protein, no cholesterol, low sodium, dairy-free and lactose-free. It has an excellent source of iron, thiamine, magnesium, copper and phosphorus. Edensoy can be enjoyed by everyone! Pour it on cereal, hot or cold. Drink it right from the carton, cook with it, and bake with it. You'll love the versatility and convenience of this wholesome food, made available through NATURE'S GLORY, the name you trust for health excellence

Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Soybeans, Naturally Malted Organic Corn & Barley Extract, Calcium, Kombu Seaweed, Job's Tears (Japanese Peal Barley), Sea Salt.

Nutritional Facts (240ml): Calories: 170, Total Fat: 4g (Saturated Fat: 0.5g), Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 95mg, Potassium: 350mg, Total Carbohydrate: 27g (Sugars: 13g), Protein: 7g.

Storage: Refrigerate below 4 degree Celsius after opening and consume within 4 to 5 days.

Coco Quench Milk PureHarvest (Non-Dairy Milk) 1L

Product of Australia (BB : Oct 2021)

Pureharvest Organic Coco Quench Milk (non-dairy milk) is a full flavour non-dairy milk made with organic coconuts. It is free of cholesterol. The100% recipe combines the full health benefits of coconut with organic brown rice.

Health Benefits
Coconut milk contains lauric acid and a number of other nutrients which are known beneficial for our health. Cholesterol-free, Gluten-free, No cane sugar, Lactose-free, No artificial flavour, GMO-free

Nutrition Facts (For serving size 250ml)
Nutritional Information: Net Weight: 1L Servings Per Package: 4 Serving Size: 250g Per Per Serving 100g Energy: 655kj 262kj Protein: 1.4g 0.6g Fat (Total): 8.1g 3.2g Fat (Saturated): 5.8g 2.3g Carbohydrates (Total): 19.5g 7.8g Carbohydrates (Sugars): 9.5g 3.8g Sodium: 138mg 55.2mg

How To Use
Shake well before opening. Serve chilled. As a drink, ideal on cereal, or in cooking as an alternative to dairy milk.

Filtered water, organic coconut milk, organic brown rice, Sea salt.

Refrigerate after opening and store at or below 4 degree Celsius. Consume 3 – 4 days after opening.

Hazel Quench Hazelnut Coconut Milk (1L)

Product of Australia (BB : Sep 2021)

Our Hazel Quench is delicious non-dairy milk made from activated hazelnuts and creamy coconut milk. Hazelnuts provide a sweet nutty taste while coconut gives the milk a creamy texture. Our natural recipe involves soaking the hazelnuts to begin the germination process and bring the nut to life.

Because we derive the goodness of our Hazel Quench from whole natural ingredients we only use whole organic hazelnuts in this product.

* GMO-Free

*No Preservatives

*Gluten Free

*No Added Sugars

* Lactose-Free

*No Added Flavours



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