Twibio Double Chocolate Filled Snack Bars Le Moulin Du Pivert 150g

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Twibio Double  Chocolate  Filled Snack Bars  Le Moulin Du Pivert

Product of France

To each their taste, to each their Twibio! Dance to your desires and get your fill of flavours with this range of 8 crunchy biscuits with fruit or chocolate fillings. In developing these recipes, we promote, as far as possible, the use of raw materials transformed in the South West of France (flour, sunflower oil) as close to our bakery as we can find. Because there is no harm in a treat... Don't resist and give in to greed with this crispy chocolate filled Twibio, topped with delicious fair trade milk chocolate. Ready to go: at breakfast, as a snack, for sport... it will delight small and large alike.

Ingredients: Wheat flour T65*, milk chocolate* 14% (cane sugar*,cocoa butter*, whole milk powder*, cocoa mass*, vanilla powder*), sunflower oil*, unrefined cane sugar*, wheat syrup*, cocoa butter*, chocolate chips* 4% (cane sugar*, cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, vanilla extract*), hazelnuts*, cocoa powder* 3%, agave syrup*, oat fiber*, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, lemon juice concentrate*, vanilla powder*.
May contain traces of soya, sesameand other nuts
Underlined: Fair-trade ingredients.
*Ingredients from organic agriculture.

Available: 150g

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