Twibio Strawberry Filled Snack Bars Le Moulin Du Pivert 150g

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Twibio Strawberry Filled Snack Bars  Le Moulin Du Pivert

Product of France

Single packed crunchy shortcrust biscuits with fine strawberry filling.

If all the flavors are present in nature, why not choose the best of them? This is the motto of the mill Pivert, which manufactures for 25 years with craftsmanship fine tasting biological bakery. Created by pastry chef, inspired this delicious pastry ages. A TwiBio for every taste. Kids love this valuable pastries in the luggage!

Ingredients: Apple puree*, wheat flour* T65, unrefined cane sugar**, wheat syrup*, strawberry puree* 8,4%, sunflower oil*, cocoa butter**, rapadura*, concentrated lemon juice*, natural strawberry aroma* 0.4%, raising agent: Sodium bicarbonate, oat fibre*, cinnamon*. (* = certified organic), (** = organic & FairTrade).

Available: 150g

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