Yuba (Bean Curd Sheet) Nature's Glory 20g

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When soymilk is gently heated in shallow, open pans at 80-90*C, a cream-yellow, bland-flavored, concentrated protein-lipid surface film (called Yuba) gradually forms. The films are successively removed from the soymilk surface using a long skewer, hung to air dry, and marked dried sheets.

In the Japanese word Yuba, as presently written, the character “Yu” means "hot water" and the “ba” means "leaf" or "flat thing."


1. Soak bean curd sheet in water until soft. 2. Boil barley, ginko nuts and pandan leaves in water. 3. Add bean curd sheets and brew over low heat. 4. Add the rock sugar and stir until it melts. 5. You can also opt to stir in beaten egg. Serve.

Ingredients: Soybean.

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