Za'atar Peace Mix Natural Spices Sindyanna of Galilee 80g (Best before: Apr 2021)

Volume: 3 x 100ml


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Za'atar Peace Mix, Sindyanna of Galilee

Product of Israel

Produced by Sindyanna of Galilee, an organisation run entirely by Arab and Jewish women. Sindyanna joined the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) in 2003. Established in 1996, it aims to advance the Arab economy in Israel and to help preserve the land.

Za’atar the spice blend is a mixture of dried za’atar leaves (the hyssop of the Bible, also known as Syrian marjoram) together with a combination of other ingredients: sesame seeds, sumac, olive oil, and sea salt.

Za’atar is a very popular spice in the local kitchen. It is used as a seasoning for meats and vegetables, and can also be sprinkled on hummus or labneh (yogurt drained to make a tangy creamy cheese), or mixed with olive oil and eaten with pita bread.

Why Choose Us

Sindyanna of Galilee’s fair trade za’atar mix is produced in a traditional way from shade dried za’atar leaves that are grown in the Galilee by Arab farmers. We use a unique recipe that adds high quality roasted organic sesame seeds, sea salt, sumac and organic olive oil to the ground leaves.

Inspired to be agents to change, building bridges between communities, setting a positive example for children and promoting peace for future generations.

Storage: Keep in a cool place.

Available: 80g

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