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fresh royal jelly nature's glory 120g nett
Fresh Royal Jelly Nature's Glory 120g NETT
 Unit : 120g NETT
New stock arriving soon.
Chemical FreeNon GMORadiation Tested
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Product of China - Japanese Standard

Royal Jelly has miraculous power to beauty, youthfulness, energy and good health.

The queen bee has the sole privilege to enjoy the royal jelly produced by worker bees from digested bee pollen through their head glands. The queen bee lives up to 50 times longer life span and is 1.5 times larger than a worker bee. Yet she remains productive and resourceful. Royal jelly makes her different from the rest.

The secret of royal jelly is not on its nutritional value, but its enzymatic or catalytic power that helps speed up cell metabolism and healing. Royal Jelly possesses 22 basic elements in one food in harmony with the body, complete with excellent source of proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins A to E (9 vitamin Bs), minerals, trace elements, enzymes and hormones. The properties of royal jelly also help improve eye sight, promote children's growth, strengthen liver and kidneys, smooth away wrinkles, halt acne, remove aging spots when used as face mask, treat skin disorders, prevent premature balding, restore hair and colour, relieve menstruation and menopause symptoms, alleviate rheumatic-arthritic-gastric-sore throat pains. However, some side effects may arise due to initial body adjustments for some consumers within 2 weeks. Reduce initial intake or stop to observe the difference. If pursued with patience, you will see a remarkable change in you.

Nature’s Glory Royal Jelly comes from China rural areas, with the less pollution. It comes in fresh and freezing condition like ice-cream which is the best and cheapest.

Choose NATURE’S GLORY Royal Jelly which has been specially selected according to stringent specifications.

Ingredients : Fresh Royal Jelly.

Suggested Dosage: Half to 1 teaspoon (provided) daily on empty stomach.
WARNING : Not for people with asthma problems.

Storage : Keep refrigerated.

Available Sizes: 120g NETT

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Genetic Modification of crops is a process of adding genes from other species eg bacteria into plants so that they can produce more yield and be resistant to attack from pests. Insects that take GMO crops die due to the toxins that the GMO plants secrete. The safety to humans is still not conclusive and we are concerned.

Hence, Nature's Glory abides by a non GMO policy when we select our products. Hence, we shy away from products made in the USA including fresh produce unless they are tested for non GMO. (These tests may still be insufficient due to the uncontrolled spread of GMO pollen). The introduction of GMOs in Europe had caused half the bee population to go extinct and hence it was banned in Europe. GMOs are also banned in Japan, NZ and Australia. There have also been an increase in the amount of pesticide and chemicals used on crops after the introduction GMOs. The large increase in chemicals on crops has now become a global threat to our environment
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Radiation Tested
In recent events of radiation disaster and nuclear arms used in previous wars, the threat of nuclear energy cannot be taken lightly. This is why we have stopped imports from radiation affected areas. However, with the air passages and water currents constantly moving the contamination from one area to another, one can never be sure if the source even from a distant country is safe. This is why Nature's Glory has set out to test every batch of products imported from Japan and USA to ensure that they are not contaminated before they are put for sale. These tests will extend to products from other countries as well.