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squalene 1000mg nature's glory 200 caps (up 105$)
Product of Japan
Squalene 1000mg Nature's Glory 200 caps (UP 105$)
 Unit : 200 caps
 Expiry Date: > 20 months
Qty :
Chemical FreeNon GMORadiation TestedFood-Based
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Our squalene is batch tested for radiation & must pass our local requirements before export. Click onto our Product Information 1 for the radiation test report.



The Aizame (Centrophorus artomarginatus, dogfish) deep sea sharks from Japan live in unpolluted waters 600 to 1000 m deep, without presence of sunlight. They manage to survive under harsh conditions, where pressure is consistently high at 100 times the water pressure, and the oxygen supply is very poor. It is in the sharks’ livers, which account for 25% to 30% of their total body weight, which Dr. Tsujimoto of Japan discovered in 1906 that the 80% of the shark liver extract, is known as Squalene, with a chemical formula C30H50, an unsaturated hydrocarbon oil, is capable of re-supplying the cells with much needed oxygen. This increased oxygen produces a more efficient metabolic process enhancing energy metabolism at the cellular level.

Nature’s Glory Squalene is an excellent product of Japan. The richest source of Squalene is found in the livers of the Aizame shark from the deep, cold waters of the South Pacific Sea; but there are also minute amounts in olive oil, rice bran and other healthy foods. It was found that sharks do not develop tumors and are generally cancer free. The Smithsonian in Washington D. C. reported only one malignant tumour was found in 25, 000 sharks.

Health Benefits

Squalene is found in the human liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and throughout the glandular system. Squalene keeps the skin from being rough, dry and wrinkled, but it decreases after puberty.

Nature’s Glory Squalene has therapeutic and sterilizing power that helps beautify skin complexion, make it tender and youthful. When Squalene is applied over affected wounds, burns, frostbite, swollen inflammation, stiff shoulder, acne, balding hair roots, Squalene produces large volume of oxygen, activates the deoxidizing action, clears blocked passages to accelerate healing and may help restore hair growth and removing aging spots.

Squalene from shark liver oil has been used since olden times to help Tubercolosis (TB), pneumonia, asthma, breathlessness and diabetes. Recent research shows Squalene has antioxidant properties which actively absorb oxygen and transmit molecular oxygen to the entire human body to nourish cell metabolism, blood and organs. Oxygen is the source of life and health to our cells, blood, organs, and our whole body. However, toxins from air, water, and food may affect the quality of oxygen in our body. Free radicals are formed which may cause malfunction of the cells and organs, with possible results of chronic illnesses.

The effect of Squalene may help to strengthen our body’s immunity against tumour through the activation of the white blood cells (T & B lymphocytes and macrophages), these are very important innate immune mechanism.

Squalene also helps to reduce cholesterol and fatigue.

Squalene has no known side effects. Also, not all products containing Squalene from shark liver oil has reached its maximum purity. Most Squalene has presence of toxic PCB and DDT. However, Nature’s Glory Squalene contains extract of shark liver oil, certified up to 99.9% purit, probably the world’s best.

Nature’s Glory Squalene is 100% natural, with no preservatives or chemicals added.

For best quality at the most affordable price, choose Nature’s Glory Squalene, a product of health excellence available through NATURE'S GLORY.

Insist on Nature’s Glory, the name you trust for health!

How To Use

Take one pearl, 2 to 3 times daily before meals or sleep.


Shark Liver Oil.


200 capsules (Each capsule 1000mg) (Nett Price)


Keep in a cool and dry place.


Health Supplement

Product of Japan

Available Sizes: 200 capsules NETT

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