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Silk Herb Essence Bar Soap Jasu 80g
 Unit : 80g
 Expiry Date: > 12 months
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Silk Herb Essence Bar Soap

Jasu, the silk herb essence bar of new concept, was created after long research to develop a face-washing soap bar that washes the skin clean, provides the skin with various natural nutrients, and coats the skin with a moisturizing membrane at the same time.

For the production of Jasu, we added Silk Crystal and Squalane which are excellent moisturizers to pure vegetable oil, blended with 20 kinds of Asian medicinal herb extracts and essential oils processed by Fine Cos unique format. Also included are two outstanding anti-oxidants, natural Astaxanthin and Vitamin C, and then we solidified the resulting essence cream into this silk herb essence bar.

The unique milky foam removes old corneous tissue and sebum from the skin and the skin is coated with silk protein which adheres well with skin cells. As a result, the product leaves your skin properly moisturized and soft without the usual soapy feeling.

Jasu Dan (silk herb essence bar), the first in the Jasu series, is a face-washing soap bar with a new concept that is produced by blending, concentrating and solidifying many natural ingredients good for the prevention and improvement of various skin troubles.

In order to respond to harmful factors such as dried skin, harmful oxygen free radicals and nutritional imbalance, we added Silk Crystal an outstanding moisturizer, and natural Astaxanthin that removes harmful oxygen free radicals 1,000 times better than Tocopherol with 20-plus natural herbal extracts to vegetable oil.

Natural Astaxanthin has been lately getting great attention as a cosmetic and health food additive in the USA, Europe and Japan. Jasu-Dan contains unique Asian medicinal herb extracts and several essential oils with comfortable aromas extracted from naturally growing precious herbs in remote mountainous areas of Gangwon Province in Korea, containing the faint fragrance of nature.

It is recommended to anyone with various skin troubles and those interested in luxurious skin care regardless of age.
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