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Rushing out of the house for school or the office is a familiar scene in many households. Skipping a healthy breakfast severely cuts your nutritional intake and makes you perform at less than your optimum. What’s worse, poor nutrition weakens the body's defence against illness, making us look and feel older.

Your hassle-free, stress-free, fast way to prepare healthy and delicious soups, sauces, juices, shakes, puree, salsa and lots more comes from undoubtedly the world’s most powerful, most economical, and safest blender today. Introducing, Blendtec Home Blender!

Blendtec Recipes

Why Blendtec?

5 times more powerful than the average blender, Blendtec’s 3 Horsepower motor with Smart Blend Technology pulverizes food into very small fine particles in seconds, releasing important plant nutrients trapped in the fibre of the fruits and vegetables, which help combat a host of diseases.

Save Time & Cut Your Medical Bills By Half Or More!

Easy to use, easy to clean, one touch buttons take away the hassle and make your perfect smoothie, drink or ice-cream every time!

Excellent Features:


Our model is called HP-3A based on our Singapore current of 220/240V, with the following great features:

Red HP3aFS
  1. Heavy duty 6.5 AMP motor with 1560 watts or 25% more power than other heavy duty Blenders.
  2. 25 preset blend cycles available at the touch of a button. Blend anything from smoothies to soup.
  3. 4 memory buttons to store your most frequently used cycles.
  4. Rectangular jar design provides a faster blend. Ingredients are pulled into the blade. No need for hand tools.
  5. Smoother finish and texture of blended ingredients.
  6. Stops automatically when job is completed without personal attention at all times. This unique safety feature is not found in most blenders and ensures blender does not overheat and melt.
  7. Very compact. Fits under most cabinets.
  8. Easy to remove lid. Clean up fast and easy in less than 1 minute.
  9. More features are on the way. Always buy products from companies with growing innovations to meet the challenges of the times.
  10. Comes with standard BPA- free 2- quart jar. New Optional 3- quart jar available to reduce blending time by half.



In summary, Blendtec Blender is:

  • More powerful.
  • More user friendly
  • More compact.
  • More safety features.
  • Smoother finish.
  • Easier to clean.
  • More reasonably priced
One-up in performance

A Very Durable Machine

Blendtec home blenders are built to last for years after over 30 years of experience in manufacturing blenders for commercial use.

Enjoy Superb Value For Your Money!
Buy 1 Blendtec Blender
Get 12 Kitchen Appliances!

Blendtec Blender replaces up to 12 kitchen appliances in one ultra fast, easy to use, easy to clean machine! That’s superb value for your money and it free up space in your kitchen!

Blendtec Blenders can be your most reliable efficient gadgets in the kitchen all in one, such as:

12-in-one Blender

Good, Reliable Blender!

Finally, Blendtec Blender is your total machine for blending just about anything!

Enjoy Worry-Free 7 Years Warranty!

With 7 years warranty coverage on commercial grade parts built to last, you only spend less than $.40 cents per day! This is extreme value for your investment.

Every part of a Blendtec Blender has been engineered for safety and built to outlast.

Life time warranty for stainless steel coupling & blade!

stainless steel coupling & blade!

Besides many international tests in the USA for its reliability, its powerful motor has also been tested rigorously by Spring Singapore and awarded the Spring Safety label for safety and quality.

Blentec Safety mark

Use With Confidence And Peace Of Mind

Exclusive distributor and service center for Blendtec Home Blenders, Nature’s Glory in conjunction with K Tec USA cover all repair and replacement issues for your Blendtec bought in Singapore so there is no need for you to bring your units all the way to USA for repair! (7 year warranty covers only sets purchased from authorized distributor Nature’s Glory and do not cover sets bought from USA, which are not built for power requirements here. Motor life and performance is significantly shortened by use of transformers and cannot be repaired by US or Singapore when damaged.)


We are often asked what are the differentiators of Blendtec versus its competitors.
Here Goes:

1.Smart Touchscreen Interface

Blendtec's Smart Touchscreen Interface

Modern, one-touch controls enable walk-away blending and provide a sleek, stylish design that is easy to clean. The flat control panel prevents the mold and bacterial growth commonly seen on other blenders when food spills into their old-fashioned plastic knobs and levers. Pre-programmed blend cycles are standard on every Blendtec Blender. No other blender company offers such a technologically advanced line of blenders.

2.Plunger-free, Easy-clean Jar

Blendtec's Plunger-free, Easy-clean Jar

Durable, BPA-free jar is crystal clear and easy to clean. The patented jar design automatically flows ingredients back into the blade, creating a perfectly smooth blend without the use of a plunger or other device. No need for a hand tool to do the job that the power tool can’t handle!

3.Uniquely Blunt Safety Blade

Blendtec's Blunt Safety Blade

Patented safety blade is 80% thicker and 10 times stronger than competitors’ blades. It is also fixed to the jar and blunt instead of sharp, making it the safest blade in the world to use and clean.

Jar blades in some home blenders are as sharp as kitchen cutting knives. Blendtec blades ‘smash’ they don’t cut. No need for sharpness.

4.Hardened Metal Drive Socket

Hardened metal is used instead of plastic to create a drive socket that never needs to be replaced, ensuring years of safe, trouble-free blending. Other blender brands use plastic drive sockets that are built to break when their thin blades are pushed to the breaking point. A plastic drive socket also breaks when the motor can’t break up frozen ingredients inside the jar. A stalled motor means a burning motor and thus the drive socket breaks to protect the motor.

Blendtec's Hardened Metal Drive Socket

5.Ultra-High-Speed, Quiet Motor

The industry’s largest and quietest motors provide the commercial-quality power and speed needed to completely blend even the toughest ingredients like ice and frozen fruit. The powerful motor enables the unique metal drive socket, safety blade, jar and interface that work together to deliver the world’s most advanced blending experience.

Our Stealth blender is the quietest in the market.

Blendtec's Motor Assembly Blendtec's Motor Assembly Blendtec's Motor Assembly

Blendtec’s Motor Assembly is much larger and much more robust.

6. Safety auto off function

Blendtec has incorporated a safety auto off function in every of its blender. After every blend, this function prevents danger of overheating and meltdown when one gets distracted by phone calls or other chores.

What Our Customers Say….

Conquering ANY Disease

Jeff Primack, US Qi Gong Master, Nutritionist and Author of “Conquering Any Disease” also strongly recommends Blendtec in his books over other competitor brands.

“Studies on people living older than 120 years of age all reveal that these people take hours to eat an apple. The Blender “unlocks” the inner life force & nutrition of food, losing nothing in the process. I feel the 3 horsepower blender is as important an invention as the computer.”

- Jeff Primack

“Valentina started eating more raw food a little over a year ago, after she read a few books on the subject. Although she never did it to lose weight, she found that it cleared up her skin, improved her energy level, and helped her sleep better. She has since invested in all kinds of smoothie-making contraptions like a nut milk bag (used to make homemade almond milk) and a snazzy Blendtec appliance.”

- Charlotte Cowles for The Cut, Interview with Ralph Lauren Super Model Valentina

What Singaporeans say:

“My children love the smoothies, muffins, pancakes and ice cream freshly made by Blendtec! It saves TIME and it is so easy to use!”

- Ivy Leong, Homemaker, mother of 5 children

“My husband was on medication for high blood pressure for many years. His blood pressure went down to normal and health condition improved dramatically after taking the smothies made from the Blendtec everyday!”

- Rosalind Lim, Church worker

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Dr Bronner’s baby mild soap (chemical free) with every purchase of the Blendtec HP3A blender.

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