Since 1991, we have been the pioneers of the organic food movement in Singapore and one of the first few grocery companies to be certified from 2008. Independently certified by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) at Australian and international standards, we are a NASAA Certified Organic (NCO) operator under the registration number 8131P in Singapore.

Here at Nature’s Glory, we pride ourselves in selling quality organic products to our beloved customers. We believe in consuming organic products which are free from chemicals and pesticides that may be harmful to our physical health. However, we also believe that there must first be stringent requirements on what makes these products of great quality and truly organic.

Not only are we certified to confirm the source of our supply is produced without chemicals, ethically, sustainably, earth friendly, but the whole process is highly audited from farm to finished product, storage and delivery to be chemical-free. We are subject to random audit checks to ensure that we don’t mix items with non-organic or inferior products which are then passed on as organic.

In addition to government-required testing, we also carry out our own in-house radiation checks, so that goods that do not pass checks are not sold. We also work with independent laboratories to test for pesticide residue, heavy metals, microbial tests for our products before even putting them on our shelves.

Further to that, we also ensure that we do not fumigate our premises, thereby contaminating our produce for customers. Instead we have invested in expensive 24/7 cooling equipment for storage, vacuum packaging and other natural, non toxic methods to keep pests away and lengthen shelf life.

We are truly dedicated to the concept of being a specialty Organic Grocer and strictly adhere to offering great quality organic products for all. 

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