All our organic products are independently certified and meet (even exceeding) international organic standards set by Japan, Europe, US and Australia. Every batch of our organic fresh produce are AIR FLOWN every week so that it reaches you MUCH FRESHER compared to those which come by sea (within hours instead of weeks and overstocking). This is important to ensure that the life forces and enzymes are still present in the foods with higher nutrients when you consume.

We only import top or export grade quality for higher nutrients and not offering at sub-grades to many who are not well informed. Each batch is even accompanied by an organic produce certificate issued by NASAA or the certifying body of Australia and in the letterhead of the Australian Government.

We DO NOT carry fresh produce from farms or middlemen practicing non organic methods of farming, NOR FROM DUBIOUS SOURCES as we do not want to take the risk of mixing with non organic produce neither to encourage temptation to deceive the inspectors, the importers like us and affecting customers who have good confidence in us.

Additionally, due to widespread use of GMO (genetic modified) crops in the US, our principal Eden Foods are one of the few companies in the US to test for GM crops in their certified organic products.

Because of our high standards and expectations for the health of our clients, we do not usually import organic products from the States as the farms could be potentially corrupted by GMO farms due to insect movements.

Also, organic meats could pose a GMO problem if the food given to the animals is not strictly non GMO. As for the import of grains and beans, we are very prudent in ensuring that these have met the independent organic certifications from world bodies, met the standards of Japanese imports, and the farms or companies must usually be managed jointly by the Japanese with the Chinese in China, to ensure strict quality compliance.

We pay much more than the average organic products grown in China arising from these high standards for safety reasons, organic integrity and for much better quality.

We do not import any fresh organic produce from China as claimed by some who are out to create confusion, presumably arising from business jealousies.

Our extraordinary safeguards are enforced for the benefits of our consumers.

As the organic pioneer in Asia outside Japan since 1991, we feel that these steps must be taken to give consumers the confidence in our organic produce to combat profiteering in the midst of rising popularity of organic products.

Our excellence is well known in our mark - Nature's Glory, the name you trust for health.

We thank you for your confidence in us and look forward to your continued support.