Organic Goodness since 1991

Trusted Organic Goodness Since 1991

As the organic pioneer in Asia outside Japan since 1991, we feel that these steps must be taken to give consumers the confidence in our organic produce to combat profiteering in the midst of rising popularity of organic products. Our excellence is well known in our mark - Nature's Glory, the name you trust for health. 

Our extraordinary safeguards are enforced for the benefits of our consumers. We thank you for your confidence in us and look forward to your continued support.


Certified NASAA Organic

Always look out for a legit certification even when it comes to organic products. Being Certified Organic is the only way to ensure that your food is truly safe to be consumed and provides you with the essential nutrients for your body. Certified Organic is more than just crops being organically grown in good soil without chemicals / pesticides. It encompasses methods of harvesting, processing, packaging, shipping, right to the storage of the products. In each process, certifying bodies will carry out stringent tests to ensure standards are complied.

The Cert number with valid dates means that our products brought in are independently audited by third party to international standards. This prevent fraud on organic industry which could be quite rampant at this moment

Unlike many self-claimed organic brands, Nature's Glory painstakingly ensures that our products go through professional organic certifications before bringing them for sale. Studies have also proven that organic products contain higher nutritional value and taste better than their non-organic counterparts because they are unadulterated with chemicals/pesticides, which dilute the taste profiles of the products.


Non Genetically Modified (Non GMO)

Genetic Modification of crops is a process of adding genetics from other species, such as bacteria into plants so that they can produce more yield and be resistant to attack from pests. Insects which take GMO crops die due to the toxins that the GMO plants secrete. If that could happen to insects, there is no guarantee it would be safe for humans, and that should be a concern. Hence, Nature's Glory abides by a Non - GMO policy where we select our products tactfully. We shy away from products which are not tested for Non - GMO.

No Fumigation

No Fumigation

Chemical Fumigation quickly kills pests and insects that attack stored food, and are commonly done in most food warehouses. Some fumigated as many as 7 – 10 times a year! Fumigation leaves chemical residues on the products which may not be good for health in the long term. Our NASAA audited food warehouses are never fumigated even in the events of infestation to keep our food safe. Our cold trucks are also not fumigated for the same reason. Beside keeping our products in a cold, dry environment to reduce such pests, we painstakingly remove ant insects found by hand sieving. These pests are common in organic fields as they are also not sprayed with pesticides.

Microwave Free

For Microwave Free:

Many foods are irradiated with microwave or high energy pulses to pasteurize and extend the shelf life.  We do not do this as these high energy waves do potentially destroy the nutrients of the foods and it’s enzymes.  We believe that food must have “life” or enzymes and should not be overly processed.   This is why our products do not have a long shelf life… but may help extend your life!

Radiation Tested

For Radiation Tested:

In recent events of radiation disaster and nuclear arms used in previous wars, the threat of nuclear energy cannot be taken lightly.  This is why we have stopped imports from radiation affected areas.   However, with the air passages and water currents constantly moving the contamination from one area to another, one can never be sure if the source even from a distant country is safe.  This is why Nature’s Glory has set out to test every batch of products imported from Japan and USA to ensure that they are not contaminated before they are put for sale.  These tests will extend to products from other countries as well.

Wholesale Prices

Wholesale Prices

Being the Pioneer in the Organic industry, we are on a Mission to reach out to as many people as possible with the intent of healthy living.  This is why we try to keep prices as affordable as possible for more to enjoy.