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Organic Apple cherry and Organic apple cinnamon sauce (709g each)

U.P. S$19.30
SALE! S$12.30
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 Certified OrganicChemical FreePesticide FreeNon GMO
Organic Whole grain Spaghetti pasta & Spaghetti Sauce set

U.P. S$15.50
SALE! S$12.50
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 Certified OrganicChemical FreePesticide FreeNon GMO
Product of Japan (Fermented)
Turmeric 3 Colour Powder (Fermented) 30g

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 Chemical FreePesticide FreeAll Natural
Product of Japan (Fermented)
Turmeric 3 Colour Powder (Fermented) 90g

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 Chemical FreePesticide FreeAll Natural

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Dear Valued Customers,

We will be closed for Chinese New Year from 15th to 26th Feb. Will be reopen on 27 Feb. Get your supplies early!

Thank you.

Air-flown Fresh from Australia
We fly in our fresh produce and dairy products from Australian farmers every week using our own chilled containers. Typically these produce reaches us in a few hours on and are being transported by our own chiller trucks to our cold rooms on the same day. We do not transport, mix or store with other non organic cargo so that organic integrity is strictly maintained and it reaches our customers in the shortest time possible. The organic fruits and vegetables are kept in separate cold rooms as the natural gases from fruits may influence the quality of the vegetables during storage. Try them and be amazed today!
Non-GMO Policy
Genetic Modification of crops is a process of adding genes from other species eg bacteria into plants so that they can produce more yield and be resistant to attack from pests. Insects that take GMO crops die due to the toxins that the GMO plants secrete. The safety to humans is still not conclusive and we are concerned.

Hence, Nature's Glory abides by a non GMO policy when we select our products. Hence, we shy away from products made in the USA including fresh produce unless they are tested for non GMO. (These tests may still be insufficient due to the uncontrolled spread of GMO pollen). The introduction of GMOs in Europe had caused half the bee population to go extinct and hence it was banned in Europe. GMOs are also banned in Japan, NZ and Australia. There have also been an increase in the amount of pesticide and chemicals used on crops after the introduction GMOs. The large increase in chemicals on crops has now become a global threat to our environment
24/7 cool storage
We use advanced climate control systems to keep the organic products in good condition, without using chemicals or preservatives.
No Fumigation
Chemical fumigation quickly kills pests and insects that attack stored food, and are commonly done in most food warehouses. (some fumigated as many as 7-10 times a year!) Fumigation leaves chemical residues on the products which may not be good for health in the long term. Our NASAA audited warehouses are never fumigated even in the event of infestation to keep our food safe. Our cold trucks are also not fumigated for the same reason. Besides keeping our products in a cold, dry environment to reduce such pests, we painstakingly remove any insects found by hand sieving. (These pests are common in organic fields as they are also not sprayed with pesticides.)
Microwave Free
Many foods are irradiated with microwave or high energy pulses to pasteurize and extend the shelf life. We do not do this as these high energy waves do potentially destroy the nutrients of the foods and it's enzymes. We believe that food must have "life" or enzymes and should not be overly processed. This is why our products do not have a long shelf life... but may help extend your life!
Radiation Tested
In recent events of radiation disaster and nuclear arms used in previous wars, the threat of nuclear energy cannot be taken lightly. This is why we have stopped imports from radiation affected areas. However, with the air passages and water currents constantly moving the contamination from one area to another, one can never be sure if the source even from a distant country is safe. This is why Nature's Glory has set out to test every batch of products imported from Japan and USA to ensure that they are not contaminated before they are put for sale. These tests will extend to products from other countries as well.