Bio-Good 100% Japan Hokkaido Golden Oyster Mushroom Extract for memory & immunity

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Bio-Good Nature's Glory

Hokkaido Golden Oyster Mushroom Extract

Nature's Glory Bio-good is a hot water extraction of Hokkaido Golden Oyster mushroom (Tamogi-take). Its liquid allows quicker and maximum absorption with hardly any residues while others in powder, raw or dried form, take longer time to absorb, with undigested fibres posing potential toxin built up in a weak body system.

It is rich in beta-glucans & antioxidants, low in fat & cholesterol, high in fibre & protein. Good source of vitamins B, D, calcium, potassium & ergothioneine.

Health Benefits

  1. Widely researched to stimulate the immune system by inhibiting tumour growth and angiogenesis by blocking nutrients to tumour cells
  2. Helps with cognitive impairment such as memory loss or forgetfulness
  3. Ergothioneine acts as an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory agent to protect brain cells from damage

Why is Our Bio-Good so special?

  1. Beta-Glucans (112mg/80ml) content, many times more than many known medicinal mushrooms
  2. Special liquid extraction allows quicker & maximum absorption & potency effects with hardly any residues         

Recipe: Chicken Ginseng Soup Recipe

Available: 80ml, 80mlx10 per box, 80mlx30 per box, 80mlx120+20 Free                                                     

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