FACT99 (90 caps) (Best Before: Approx. 2 year)

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FACT99 Fermented Antioxidant Nature Glory

Product of Japan

FACT 99 is a natural super-antioxidant against free radicals. It is 21.3 times more powerful than vitamin C without side effects and turns harmful radicals to harmless water. Free radicals are the main cause of diseases including abnormal growth. FACT99 frees the body to allow p-53 gene in our body to naturally repair the damaged cells and to potentially recover them to healthy cells.

FACT 99 is made through a special technology that takes 10,000 hours or 400 days to ferment brown rice stalk. FACT 99 reverses what could be deadly hopeless and helpless, back to health.

Over 25,000 cases of diseases in Japan have been helped in the last 25 years.

A product of health excellence made available through NATURE’S GLORY.

Ingredients: Fermented Organic Brown Rice Stalks,gelatin

Dosage:2 to 5 capsules before or after meals,3 times a day, or as directed by nutritionist or physician.

Contents: 90 capsules (Nett Price).

Storage: Keep Refrigerated.

Available Sizes: 90 capsules NETT

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