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Organic Throat Spray ( Breath Freshener) Over 280 Sprays

Product of New Zealand


Soothe irritated throat, protect from germs & freshen your breath naturally using organic plant and propolis extracts. No chemicals/artificial flavors. Easy to swallow. Easy to carry for travel or work. 


When throat dry/itch, spray 3-6 times into throat. Do not flush with water for 30 minutes. Repeat when necessary. Half dose for children. 

 In case of allergy, discontinue and seek medical attention. 

Ingredients: Manuka flora water, manuka honey, dew honey, propolis extract, essential oils of aniseed, clove and peppermint. *Certified Organic 

Available: 30mL

12 reasons why you should get Nature’s Glory Organic Throat Spay - why we are different from other throat sprays:

1. ALL the ingredients are fully certified organic to international organic standards NASAA and of highest quality.

2. NO alcohol, chemical solvents, artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or any other chemical nasties.

3. Instead of using just normal tap water as other manufacturers do, we use our own, fully certified steam distilled Mānuka floral “water” / hydrosol, extracted during manufacture of certified organic Mānuka essential oil.

4. The starter water is made into steam, which in turn passes through the plant material to extract the essential oil and hydrosols ( = floral waters).

5. This Mānuka floral water has naturally a low pH, with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties – so much better and much more valuable than just normal H2O, (which is often chlorinated)

6. The cert organic Mānuka honey used as the super XO high anti microbial Total Activity of 30+!!!

7. The cert organic Honeydew Honey used has well known, high prebiotic properties, conducts electricty very well (great for brain support and muscles)

8. We extract our own organic propolis from our own hives without alcohol in an ancient technique, invented by the ancient Greek passed down through generations with cert organic EVO olive oil and a biodynamic extraction process according to the timing of the moon phases.

9.   Made & Packed in New Zealand under strict hygiene HACCP standards

10. Conforms to Halal standards

11. Packed amber glass bottles (BPA, BPS, Aluminium FREE)

12. The certified organic essential oils used are very high quality and have the following properties:

Cert organic Aniseed oil:

Cert organic Clove oil:

Cert organic Peppermint oil:

So all up the mix of the above ingredients are the perfect puzzle of fully certified organic, immensely healthy and beneficial finished product.

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