Organic New Zealand Manuka Honey Bioactive TA 15+ Nature's Glory (Best before: Approx. 2 years)

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 Organic Manuka Honey (Total Activity 15+) NZ

 The Manuka plant is native to New Zealand and has been regarded as a "medicinal treasure" by the early settlers in NZ (the Maori tribe) for it's wide variety of medicinal uses.  Various parts of the plants including the leaves, bark and even oils were used to treat a variety of ailments (Manuka. A Honey of a Plant).

Manuka honey is collected from the flowers of the Manuka plant by bees and has recently been studied extensively by several scientists for the last 40+ years.  Most well documented is the antibacterial properties of this honey which has been attributed to various factors including it's low pH, high sugar content, hydrogen peroxide, and various non peroxide components like methylglyoxal (MGO), bee peptides, phenolic and other phytochemical compounds. 

Why Nature's Glory Manuka Honey?   

1.  Nature's Glory Manuka Honey is harvested from the South Island forests of New Zealand (protected by the Department of Conservation NZ), with clean air and pests and tourists free.

2.  Our bees roam freely in the forests and dwell with a family of beekeepers which have been keeping bees for the last five generations.  They take great care not to stress the bees but let nature take it's course.  Our bees are NOT fed with sugar to make more honey nor treated with antibiotics.  

3.  Certified organic and independently audited from forest to table.   To ensure you receive the best, we assign NASAA (an international Organic certifying body situated in Australia) to audit the land where the manuka flowers are grown, the bees are not fed with sugar or treated with anti-biotics, the storage where the honey is safely stored without fumigation and the honey that reaches your home to be organic, unadulterated, not artificially/chemically fortified and pure. All our honeys are audited and are fully traceable from the bottle back to the hive. (under NASAA organic certification number 8131P).

4.  Pollen tested to have at least 75% Manuka pollen - another test to confirm the purity of the manuka honey and that it is harvested (by the bees) from mainly manuka flowers and not mixed with other honey.  This conforms to European standards of classification of Manuka honey.

5.  Batch tested for Antibacterial Activity - this is done on EVERY batch of honey harvested by our beekeepers.  Tests are independently done by NZ government accredited labs to confirm the total anti-bacterial activity (TA) of our manuka honey.

To know more about Total Activity and the how it compares with other types of anti-bacterial testings for manuka honey like UMF, MGO, please refer to our blog: 

6.  We ONLY sell High Activity Manuka honey (TA should be 15+ and above) so that the honey will be more effective to kill germs.  (TA below 8+ are generally less effective). 

7.  No heat pasteurisation or irradiation used to sterilize the honey unlike many honey factories.  This is not necessary as honey is naturally anti-microbial and the process may create undesirable by products.

8.  Lightly filtered into a high quality-premium nutrient-rich honey.  Ultra fine and high pressure filteration of honey is carried out by some factories to make the honey look and feel consistent with other batches.  However, this REMOVES MANY of the important nutrients including oligosaccharides (important for growth of good bacteria in the gut), propolis (anti-viral properties), pollen (contains high level of B vitamins and minerals).

9.  Protected in Amber glass bottles: Glass (unlike plastic) does NOT react with the multitude of natural chemicals and enzymes found in manuka honey.  Hence we believe this to be a better option to preserve the quality and purity of the honey compared to plastic containers. (although glass bottles are much more expensive).

10.  Value for money: Most manuka honey with high antibacterial activity are very costly.  We have been true to our health mission to buy direct from the bee keepers and sell at the most affordable prices.  Our economy pack comes in 700g (40% more than most brands who offer in 500g bottles) and a fraction of the cost.

How does Manuka Honey benefit my health? 

Honey has been reported to be effective against 60 types of bacteria and some fungi.  Manuka Honey has been tested for having one of the highest and stable anti-bacterial activity among honeys and has been used for centuries to treat wounds, ulcers of the skin, leg and stomach, cold sores, sore throats, toothpaste, gum diseases, diarrhoea, eye infections, haemorrhoids, stomach health and others.  (Note: Total Activity of Manuka honey should be 15+ or more to be effective) 

How to use:

Take 1-2 teaspoons neat, mix with your saliva and slowly swallow, allowing honey to trickle down your throat.  If you prefer, mix with water (must not be hot) or mix with your cereals.  For persistent sore or itchy throat or other health problems, repeat if necessary. 

Available Sizes: 350g, 700g, 1400g (SOLD OUT)


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