12 Ways to Use Castile Soaps - The Blessed Soaps®️ Castile Soaps

Castile soaps are known for being non-toxic, highly concentrated, moisturising and even good for the environment. Those are just some of the benefits of castile soaps, but did you know that they are also highly versatile? In fact, castile soaps like Blessed Soaps®️ are made from 100% organic plant-based oils and pure essential oils, making it ideal for cleansing your body. 

However, there are many more uses for these Blessed Soaps®️, besides just as a body wash. Let us count the ways:

  1.   Shampoo

Blessed Soaps®️ can be used as shampoo to clean and clarify the hair. To use the liquid soap as shampoo, wet hair thoroughly first. Put a small amount of soap into your hands, lather, and massage onto hair. Wash and rinse well.

  1.   Facial Wash

Made from organic ingredients, Blessed Soap®️ is gentle for the skin. To use as facial wash, apply two to three drops of the liquid soap on wet hands, and massage on the face. Rinse normally with water.

  1.   Body Wash

Just like your typical liquid soap, Blessed Soap®️ can be applied onto the body to wash and get rid of dirt and sweat. It can be applied directly on the skin or onto a sponge, loofah, or a simple piece of cloth, helping you exfoliate dirt from the skin.

  1.   Bath Soap

Use the liquid organic castile soap when you are soaked in the bathtub. Simply add a squirt of the formula into the tub of water to produce bubbles and incredible fragrance.

  1.   Baby Wash

Blessed Soap®️ is also ideal for babies and infants. Use Baby Love Unscented soap for a natural, safe and fragrance-free bath for your little ones.

  1. Hand Soap

As liquid hand soap, you may use Blessed Soap®️ either in its pure form or diluted in water. Wash hands and rinse accordingly.

  1.   As Foot Wash

Blessed Soap®️ can also be used to clean, freshen up, and moisturize your tired feet. Simply add a tablespoon of liquid soap to a basin of water and soak your feet. We recommend the Tea Tree Kindness organic castile soap for its antibacterial and antifungal effects.

  1.   For Hot Towel Massage

When massaging the body, face, or scalp, this liquid soap can be a very effective alternative. Apply a few drops of liquid soap on a bath towel soaked in hot water. Massage the towel onto your face, scalp, or body with your fingertips using light strokes.

  1.   As Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

What’s amazing about this liquid soap is that it cleans not only the human body, but fruits and vegetables, as well. In a basin of water, add a few drops of Blessed Soap®️ and soak fruits and vegetables to remove dirt and chemical residues. Don’t forget to rinse off the soap before consuming.

  1.   As Pet Wash

No shampoo for your pet? Use Blessed Soap®️  to clean, massage, and freshen up your pet. Stronger scents are ideal in killing ticks and fleas, while mild scents are for those with sensitive skins.

  1.   As Laundry Wash

Clean your clothes with the power of Blessed Soap®️. For laundry use, you can use ¼ cup of liquid castile soap in your loaded washing machine. Add a dash of baking soda to make it more effective.

  1.   As Household Cleaner

This amazing liquid soap can also clean household items as much as it can sanitize the body. To use as household cleaner, dilute one part of soap to up to 40 parts of water. Not only does it dissolve grease and remove dirt, it also leaves a fragrant smell inside your house. We recommend the Citrus Joy Blessed Soap®️, which contains lime, lemon and orange essential oil to refresh the air and clean your house.

Not yet convinced? Maybe it’s time that you personally try out our Blessed Soap®️ castile soaps and all its different scents - Citrus Joy, Tea Tree Kindness, Eucalyptus Self-Control, Lavender Peace, Peppermint Patience and Baby Love Unscented, so you can discover the versatility of this amazing soap. 

With its high concentration and multi-purpose ways to use these castile soaps, a little of it goes a long way to cleanse your body, save money and the environment at the same time.

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