Water Filtration System Singapore

While we’re lucky to live in one of the safest countries in the world, our food and water safety in Singapore is also a concern. In Singapore, the water from our tap is perfectly safe for drinking, washing up and brushing your teeth. The quality of the tap water is within the World Health Organisation guidelines for drinking water. The Public Utilities Board (PUB) also conducts over 400,000 tests on the supply of water every year. Moreover, residual chlorine is also present in the water to keep it safe and germ free.

So why do most people want to use alternative water filtration systems to filter out their water or continue to boil their water before drinking?

Benefits of Having A Water Filtration System


One of the main reasons that people turn to a water filtration system is that they enjoy drinking water with a pleasant taste. Some sources of tap water may taste metallic, earthy, bitter or have a chlorine taste or smell. Some individuals are sensitive to the taste of their drinking water, and thus wish to boil their water or use a water filter to remove the taste.

Filter out other particles

Another reason for using a water filtration system is to filter out any bad particles and chemicals that may be present in the water. Often, our drinking water is already safe to consume as is, but consumers may be even more particular about what they drink everyday and add a water filter for additional drinkability.

Water filters have different means to filter particles out and they can be the last line of defence from viruses, chemicals and metals in tap water. They use either physical or chemical filtration to remove the impurities. Physical filtration would be a simple physical barrier like a coffee filter that removes larger particles from the water. Chemical filtration uses chemical reactions on the water to remove smaller particles, such as activated carbon filters. 

Charcoal is a porous form of carbon that has a large surface area to trap particles. Carbon traps the larger particles on the outside surface and also compounds like lead and VOCs. It also removes chlorine through a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with the water.

In using these filters, you can be sure that your drinking water is safe for consumption, as they trap and remove both larger and smaller harmful particles in the water.

Alkalising effect

Furthermore, some of these water filtration systems do not just filter out particles. They also can have an alkalising effect on your drinking water. Alkaline water is produced when you pass water through an ionizer that raises the pH level of the water via electrolysis. Ionizer filters cause a chemical change to separate water into alkaline and acidic components. 

Alkaline water supposedly has several benefits, such as anti-ageing effects, improves your gut health, blood pressure, weight loss, skin health and recovery from exercise. Furthermore, alkaline water filters also help with neutralising germs and removing impurities from the water.

However, drinking too much alkaline water is also not good for your health. It can actually lower the amount of stomach acidity that is necessary to prevent bacteria and pathogens from entering your bloodstream. It can also cause metabolic alkalosis, where your pH levels rise above the base level in your blood. This results in nausea, vomiting, hand tremors and confusion.

So what is the solution?

Introducing the HiFloAM® Water Filtration System

Made in Japan at Medical Standards ISO 13485, HiFloAM Water® system seeks to replicate alkaline water similar to ‘miracle’ spring waters from France, Germany and Mexico at a pH level of 7 to 8. 

HiFloAM Water® has a pH level that is more neutral and in line with that of healthy blood, up to eight times more dissolved oxygen than other alkaline waters. 

In fact, HiFloAM Water® is more easily absorbed by your cells, has a smoother and milder taste and no negative side effects from long term intake of high alkaline water. It is also higher in antioxidant levels, with more dissolved oxygen and hydrogen, to prevent free radical damage in cells. It is also suitable for use for all ages, including the young and the sick.

You can find our HiFloAM Water® available on Nature’s Glory ecommerce store. We are one of the organic movement pioneer companies in Singapore since 1991, and we are the exclusive distributor of the HiFloAM Water® filtration system in Singapore.

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